Players: Lori Harlow



Name: Lori Harlow
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Autum
Needle/Thread: Scholar/Family
Profession: Secretary
Age: 23
Player: NPC
Actor: Shelley Hennig



Lori is a young woman of brown hair and eyes, 5.9ft tall that never seems to be quite comfortable on her own skin, she doesn’t seem to favor any fashion style and can be seen occasionally experimenting with different styles.


Under the mask she’s very similar to her mortal mask but now she’s forever stuck on a twilight moment just before it is completely dark, no matter how many lights you shine on her, she retains her hair but her eyes change growing slightly bigger and gain a crimson light to them.


Light flickers and dims on her presence, as if the only illumination came from a candle, shadows move in similar way and behave strangely depending of where she is compared to it, seemingly at random.

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