Players: Larissa Vasiliev



Name: Larissa Vasiliev
Alias(es): Rissa, Lari
Regent: Josef Turner
Regent Clan: Gangrel
Public Effects: Striking Looks +1(Delicate), Taste of the Wild, Vitae Hound, Beloved, Beast Whisper, Watch Dog, Protected, Empowered to Speak
Virtue/Vice Loyal/Perfectionist
Profession: Owner of Vasiliev Kennels, Dog Trainer
Apparent Age: 24
Player: Selcouth
Actor: Ksenia Solo


While her hair is naturally medium brown in color. Larissa often dyes it anywhere from blond, red or sometimes black. She stands 5’4 and around 110lbs. Her body type is what people would call slim, petite or delicate in stature. Her most striking features are her bright blue/green eyes that seem to draw people in.


/Josef TurnerDomitorAhh my very own protector. We shall see if he can really keep me safe.Ringtone
MaksGhouled Caucasian OvcharkaMaks is the first ghouled dog that Larissa made, he is her best friend and guaridanRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Vasiliev Family(Gangrel):

Larissa comes from a long line of a ghoul family. Her father and older sister are both ghouled to gangrel, and they felt it was time she also had her chance as one. The family is known for breeding/training/showing caucasian ovcharka.

Vasiliev Kennels(Animal Lovers):

The family’s main kennel/ranch is outside the city limits. At the moment Larissa is the only one in the city who follows in her family’s footsteps of training the best guard dogs. The Caucasian Ovcharka or Shepherd Dog is an extremely independent, self-confident, fearless and intelligent dog. It is a highly protective territorial dog that is wary of unfamiliar people. It is a low-activity dog, seemingly lethargic when not working, but noisy and intimidating when it feels its family is threatened. Although certain strains are more vicious than others, they are often very territorial and aggressive towards other dogs, needing early and careful broad socialization, as well as consistent, but never forceful, handling. This breed can be a good family-dog if it is well-trained and socialized.

New little Ghoul(Vampires/Ghouls):

Larissa is newly made ghoul to Josef and is still learning the ropes. She tends to keep quiet and watch when she is around other ghouls and kindreds. She doesn’t want to step on toes or make mistakes


“We didn’t ask for this. We were tossed together by fuckers who thought they knew what as best for us. We make it work despite that. We ride or die cause there ain’t no one else here for us but us.” - Josef Turner
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