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Name: Knox
Deedname: The Antediluvian
Nickname: Doc
Pack: Formerly of Flat Earth Society
Blood/Bone: Soldier/Guru
Public Effects: Fame 1- Healer of Little Havana, Inspiring, Primal Urge 2
Profession: Healer/Shop Owner/Founder of the College of Healers
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadows
  • Spirit Rank 4
  • Cunning 1
  • Glory 2
  • Honor 3
  • Purity 3
  • Wisdom 5
Age: 25
Mate: Married to Vivi
Player: Ebram
Actor: Nathan Parsons


Quiet and tall, Knox tends towards simple clothes and a clean cut appearance.


The Past:

Take me Home´┐Ż

The oldest of five children, he helped his father gather wood in the summer, his mother´┐Żs little apothecary was helped out greatly from his knowledge of the woods, and where different things grew´┐Ż They had a little schoolhouse, that was little more than the shack next door´┐Żs enclosed porch where they would learn their letters, some numbers, and eventually such complicated things as simple arithmetic.

To the Place, Where I Belong´┐Ż

But, as the years went by, the winters became more difficult, and it cost his family dearly. His father, who cared for a patch of land, and supplied the small town with tobacco and chopped wood, lost three toes and a hand to frost bite after a freak accident when chopping a tree down left him pinned under it. That same winter, his two youngest sisters died of pneumonia, and his mother was lost to the bottle, in her grief. Knox, ever the dutiful son, did what he could to alleviate the issues that his family started to have.

West Virginia´┐Ż

That… was also when the stress started to become too much. The pressure started to build, until he started to realize that he had´┐Ż abilities. A man came to them with a case of jaundice bad enough that they were worried he wouldn´┐Żt make it the week, and after trying everything and anything from his mother´┐Żs journals, he laid hands upon the man, and took the sickness onto himself. He made the man promise to not speak of it, as he wanted not to be branded a witch, or a devil-worshiper in the small town.

The Present:

The Healer of Havana

And so, eventually it came to pass that sickness found its roots in Miami, and the most vulnerable, the poorest were hit hard with it. Through discussions, through deals, medicines were found, but the implementation of such things was a cumbersome and clunky issue that didn´┐Żt help those that needed it the most.

So Knox took a stand. He went among the sick, the tired, the dying, and he used the gifts he had at his disposal, healing more than most would think possible, each touch, each prayer drawing the sickness into himself, slowly but surely pulling him closer and closer to death. Soon, the entire building was cleansed, but Knox wound up in a Prince Foundation facility´┐Ż

Coal Country Blues

As issues grew in Miami, changes began to overtake Knox. Folks started to notice that he was snapping more easily, that he was more irritable… that he was hearing voices. Some suggested it was just stress, but one pointed out that there was a good chance that he was on the verge of his First Change.

Wanting to make sure that he didn’t harm his wife, or those that he cared for, he went home for a week, back to his father’s hunting camp in West Virginia, to commune with the wilds once again. What he found there though, would leave him forever changed.

It seems the coal company that had bought the mineral rights to the land was up to no good. They were wheeling and dealing with the Pure, and were trying to raise… something. People were dead, and Knox was targeted for simply being there. It didn’t work out well for them though. The first change took him, and he ended the ritual in the most violent way he could…

Blood on the Dance Floor

Eventually, there came a time when Knox felt the urge to look into an issue. It seemed that there were spirits involved in a murder at a night club. Wanting to lend a hand, as that was his nature, and dealing with spirits, which apparently also was his nature now, he joined the group going to investigate. Subterfuge was never his strongest point, but there were others there who were able to get them in. Once inside, it was easy for Knox to discern what had happened, tapping into spiritual nature of the location, he saw exactly how it started, and who started it.

Before he could try to discern how to deal with these folks, it came to be that they were attacked by the very man who was selling the drug that started the issue of this specific murder. Joined by something that he truly hoped was a Ridden, and not something else. Not one for fighting, Knox had to think creatively. Calling upon influences from the spirit realm, he fashioned a mutable spire of ice to strike down the beast that nearly killed him in one blow.

When things came to a head, it was his pack that came forward to deal with the powers that be, in regards to the JOLT issue in the city. Throwing around money and drawing a crowd, The Flat Earth Society was forced into a show down with the creators of the drug. The first round of the fight was ended when the Pure retreated, stealing away Knox’s wife, Vivi.

Round two found the pack fighting against the leader of their pack, while surrounded by Rage spirits. When it all was over, there were none of the Pure left, and the ship was sunk.

Harsh Politics


ViviMy Hopes and DreamsSometimes, you don’t need wordsMake It Sweet
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Married into the blood(Werewolf):

Knox has been more recently known to have married into the Fairchild family, and is more than happy to talk about the love of his life.

The Antediluvian (Access to spirits):

As of late, the usually peaceful Uratha has been found to have great control over Elemental Influences, and has shown that he can use them to deadly efficacy.

Healing Hand(Holistics):

He owns a shop. If you need some strange herb for your concoction, he might be able to get it for you.

Soft Heart(Everyone):

He knows what hard times are like, and is more than happy to help those who need it.

College of Healers(Everyone):

Knox founded the College of Healers, as a way to try to preserve the knowledge of his forebears, and to further the study of medicine, in a time where it’s so needed.

Deeds Done

  • Took on the Chicken flu directly, working his mortal magics to heal an apartment building worth of folks in Little Havana.
  • Founded the College of Healers for those who want to learn the old ways of Medicine.
  • Cleared the taint of his ancestral lands, if only temporarily.
  • Helped save Florida panther cubs from a group of poachers.
  • Helping investigate the Rage Choir killing at the STORY night club, he killed what he believes to be a ridden with creative uses of Spiritual Influence.
  • Aided in the destruction of the Pure pack selling JOLT.
  • Saved Councilman DuBois when an assassination attempt occurred at the College of Healers.
  • Began to heal the influence issues surrounding Mercy Hospital.
  • Helped destroy extraplanar giant waterbears.


  • “First time I met him, he bitched about not being able to get drunk.”
  • He married into the Fairchild Family for their money.
  • No one’s quite sure what he is anymore. Mortal, wolf-blood, possibly a witch?
  • He called out members of the City Council for being in the pocket of the Prince Group, during an open meeting.
  • His command of the elements have become so strong that he can affect astronomical quantities of them.


“I look forward to seeing your garden and meeting more like us.” -Atoli
“I haven’t met Mr. Knox in person, but I saw and heard him at the council meeting. It is with men like him, good men, that the future of Miami will be bright.” -Mam´┐Ż Ana
“I met you and quickly realized you were the piece that was missing from my life, because you healed my heart and completed my soul. Unexpected and wonderful, meeting the man who makes you realize that once you take his hand, you will never let go.” -Your Vivi
“Ahh yes my new cousin in law. I’m just happy that Vieve could find a great guy who helps balance her out. The two of you just seem to make one another into better people.” - Hart
“He’s a great person and so smart, he taught me a whole bunch about medicine I thought before would be really super hard. He explained it in a way that made so much more sense than I ever thought and it helped me find my new path in life and not just bouncing from thing to thing. I’m thankful.” - Izzy

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