Players: Killian Kingston

  • Name: Killian Kingston
  • Alias: The Mad King
  • Profession: Intermediary
  • True Age: 65/1000+ Hedge-side
  • Apparent Age: 35
  • Needle/Thread: Commander/Anger
  • Seeming: Elemental
  • Kith: Draconic
  • Motley: Mad Guard
  • MCI: The Horde of Sovereigns
  • Public Effects: Striking Looks (Dominant) 2, Air of Menace, Autumn Mantle 3, Gentrified Bearing, Status (Crime) 2, Resources 4, Intimidation 5, Presence 4, Lethal Mein (Claws), Untouchable, MCI: The Horde of Sovereigns 5 (King)
  • Player: onibear
  • Faceclaim: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

His flesh cracks like volcanic stone pulsing with magma flowing underneath, volcanic stone forming scales. His eyes glow with a fiery menace, his hair crackling embers. Each finger is tipped with a thick, ragged talon that glitters like obsidian. From his shoulders, a pair of wings are generally folded against his body. The tattered remains of what once were functional wings just a ghost of flight for him now. The veins of magma and the flames that covered his body shifted color with his mood, from a dull red/orange when he was calm to a bright blue when excited… or a crackling orange/yellow enraged.

Height:6’4”Weight:270lbsComplexion:TannedHair Color:Salt and Pepper
Eye Color:AmberApparent Age:30ishAge:30ishAccent:None
Build Type:LeanScars:NoneTattoos:VariousPiercings:None Visible

Killian’s a tall, broad man standing at least 6’4” and carries himself like he fills whatever room he’s in. He dresses well, even when it’s just casual clothing. He favors simple clothing that’s easy to move around in. Collared shirts over plain t-shirts with expensive jeans and boots. He’s a street thug who got money. His lean form tended to stand in very relaxed poses, calculated to be that way. Left hand tended to find itself in his pocket while his right hand hung free to gesture as he spoke. There was just an ease to the way he moved. He moved in slow, languid motions like a great Wyrm strolling through without a care in the world

Killian is a lot. He demands attention, demands he’s the center of the room whenever he’s there. The Mad King holds ‘Court’ wherever he goes, installing himself as the dynamic center of attention. His voice is loud, booming and not unlike the mountain he was once a heart of… prone to suddenly exploding violently when enraged. When he smiles, his whole face reflects it. Some people speak with their hands… Killian’s entire body gets in on the fun. He’s a dynamic speaker and commands attention with a booming voice and presence. The man’s entire presence is massive, explosive and overbearing. His confidence is near unshakable, infectious.

The difference was, as always, production.

  • The Mad King(Crime, Black Market): On the street, people tend to know that The Mad King knows people. He knows a lot of people and he’s known for getting people what they need for often reasonable prices. Sometimes too reasonable. Sometimes you owe the Mad King a favor later.
  • More for the Hoard(Any):He’s a collector of interesting things. That includes interesting Lost for the Mad Guard. The Dragon is seemingly always willing to add to his Hoard and tends to have the resources to make the deal possible. He’s a regular of art shows and Auctions, often going without spending a dime and then suddenly deciding something minor is his next must have.
  • Raze and Burn(Lost): The Mad King watches over his hoard with the territorial rage one would expect. That extends, if rumors from Central Florida are to be believed, to anyone he decides is in that hoard. That, of course, includes his Motley, the Mad Guard. When his Hoard or any of his people are threatened, the Mad King’s rage is explosive.
  • For the Horde!(Knowledge of Supernatural): Killian, along with Boom-Boom and Roland, founded the Horde of Sovereigns, a group founded on the principles of mutual protection and sharing. He’s building a community of varied individuals and powerful people who are encouraged to themselves rise and gather powerful people around them. A growing horde that stand together against the greater threats…

Best Damn Market find I ever had. Mad little girl suits me just fine and I think when it comes to causing damage? She and I are perfect. She’s been through a lot and I love to see that little twinkle in her eye when it all clicks for her again…

Emo Prince Charming
Wound tighter than a Grandfather Clock but damn if he’s not the second prettiest man I ever met. Dangerous too, which makes it even better. He’s a good man. Good Council. Stayed my hand more than once. He’s my red right hand.

Oh I found this shiny little beauty strolling along the beach. Ain’t that where you find pretty things? She sparkles brighter than most. Got a fire in her, I can feel it in my chest. Bit lower too. Had it tough lately. Means she needs us as much as we need her. Sometimes life’s real good to me…

The Prettiest man I’ve ever met. Sharp, clever and damn fine to look at. One of those people you could pick something to talk about and just go for back and forth for days with. He’s somethin’ special

They don’t make women like this anymore and I’m not entirely sure they ever did outside of Disney movies. Kind, generous, open, drop dead gorgeous but still got a playful streak and that little twinkle in her eye that tells me that we’re all gonna get along great. She’s a special one.

Now this chica is just full of surprises and I love every last one of them. She was a quick friend, we clicked fast and one I didn’t even try and bang right away. Not sayin she isn’t worth it… she absolutely is. Living Dead Girl here’s hot as hell

Quiet, observant, a little snarky and cute as hell. I like her already. Savina vouched for her and she was right. Glad she’s part of the Horde but I think she might want her own set of wings just to fit in.

A Gal that’s learned fast what it means to be part of the Horde. She puts on a rough exterior but I figured out how to melt her around me… I found a little hint of the girl under the leather and even under the lace under that. Saw someone who needed a Family, so I gave her one… knew she’d return the favor

  • “Don’t waste your time looking back. You’re not going that way.” - Ragnar Lothbrook - Vikings
  • “What can I say about Killian that a thousand others can’t say? You know him. He’s charismatic, always willing to put on a show, sit on a throne, hold court. But that’s not all there is, in fact, I’m not sure how real that is. It’s a part of who he is, sure…but it’s not the whole, or even the majority. He’s afraid and this is how he handles his fear. Just like I’m angry and hide truths about myself…so does he.” She pauses for a moment and tips her head to the side, “If you wanna know a truth…remember that he freed me.” - Sascha
  • “Does that man know how to make a fuckin entrance or what?” -AriadnePhryne
  • “This Wrym knows just how to burrow under your skin and rest comfortably there. He knows me better in a few short days than the immeasurable time I have been around. I am proud to call him my friend.”Trixi
  • “There are some people that one can say has a true spark within them, but in Killian’s case it is completely literal. I admire a man who can inspire loyalty as swiftly as he can, and I cannot wait to see where his grand plans take us all.” - Jeremiah Hamilton
  • “Killian has the spark of greatness in him. The ability to motivate, and the strength to command. It is in the way he is able to gather and inspire. I have felt his heat. For now, I fly at his side to unleash the hell that is required. I pray that nothing shall change that.” - Roland
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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