Players: Khalilal Qarsan



Name: Khalil al-Qarsan
Alias(es): Unknown
Sire: Dayadalus al-Qarsan
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Invictus
Coterie: None
Public Effects:
  • Blood Potency 3
  • Intimidation: Force of Personality
  • Invictus Status 2 (Oath of the Refugee)
Mask/Dirge Survivor/Social Chameleon
Profession: Idle Rich
Age: 140/Late Thirties
Player: lolrob
Actor: Assaad Bouab


With Blush

Khalil moves with the easy swagger of a humble, self made man. His eyes are a pleasing sea-green and the light brown of his skin evokes the warmth of a stone just after sunset. His hair is full and thick, the color of dark ink


Khalil wastes no movement, like a reptile in a harsh environment. The ferocity behind his corpse-bruise green eyes hints at a Beast closer to the surface than is comfortable, giving the impression that all they take in are prey. His skin pales, the pleasant warmth replaced by the cold of the desert night. His hair is thick, but hangs lifelessly and the ink has faded and shot throughout, the grey and white is more prominent.


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‘Rockstar’ in Exile(Invictus):

Khalil’s reputation as a provocateur and ambition guru precedes him. The political landscapes of cities have shifted unalterably in his wake and lesser domains pledge fealty to larger Invictus domains to keep him away. He has a history of upending domains for his own amusement. The subtlety of his machinations are matched only by the bluntness of his methods and disregard for those on his chessboard, earning him as many enemies as allies. His fall from grace was as sudden as it was unlikely, the truth of his misstep as varied as those claiming to know.

Scarcity of Resources(Kindred):

Khalil is new predator in a city full of them and doesn’t seem the type to brook rivals

Yuppy Mephistopheles(Everyone):

Khalil has an eye for talent, ambitious and weakness. He promises to make you better, or your rivals worse, for a bargain. He has the keys to any door you might wish to open, or claims to with evidence to back that claim.

Stranger in a strange land(Everyone):

His accent is difficult to trace, coming off only as what could be described as exotic, or maybe Mediterranean. A Cultural Muslim, Khalil lingers around the community and works to expand his influence in not just the Muslim, but North African and Hispanic communities. He knows what it’s like to be and feel alone, surrounded by those who identify him as an outsider.


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