Players: Keys to the Long-Locked Door

Micheal Markus
Founder, Leader Founder, Mystic
Theme: Purpose

For as long as humans have existed, there have been those whose greatest passion is to know the unknown. To look beyond the horizon, to discover the truths behind all of lifes secrets. To find out what lies behind every locked door. We are the continuation of that grand tradition, and there is no greater purpose to the eternity we find ourselves bound to than unravel the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Just as the Ordo Dracul seek to overcome every weakness, searching for knowledge to use in their pursuit of ascension, so too do the Keys seek out unknown truth to make them stronger, greater, ‘more’ than all others. We want to know all there is to know, and then use that knowledge to bring us to greater heights than any have ever reached before.


Membership levels (Who it effects) Any member can gain up to the third rank, Kindred only can attain the highest two ranks.

•Rake: There are many paths to the deepest truths.Those that rake the Pins of the Lock gain a skill speciality in Occult, Science or Investigation.

•• Pick: Some Locks cannot be raked, so those who spend the time to learn how to pick them gain either a Mentor (•) to open more Doors, or Good Time Management (•) to open them faster.

••• Key: Every Lock has its Key, but most Keys can open but a single Door. Those who wish to open Doors within the Ordo Dracul may take Independent Study (••), while those who wish a different path may get a free point in Occult, Investigate or Science. This cannot take them above the normal maximum of 5 dots.

•••• Keyring: When you have opened many Doors, your ring must hold many Keys, which each hold clues on how to open the next. Kindred who attain this level gain the merit Direction Sense, Epic (••) (despite not being Begotten) and an Interdisciplinary Specialty (•) on any Skill Specialty the Keyring possesses, as each new Door opens more quickly to those who have studied the Keys found prior.

••••• Master Key: No Door stands long against those who have the Key to all. Those who bear the Master Key can always find a teacher for whatever they seek to learn, and gain one dot of any Discipline, Blood Sorcery, Coil, or Ritual they already have at least some ability in.

Known Members: