Players: Keiran McCormack

  • Name: Keiran McCormack
  • Alias: None
  • Sire: “John”
  • Clan: Mekhet
  • Bloodline: Khaibit
  • Covenant: The Carthian Movement
  • Coterie: NA
  • Public Effects: Hollow, Untouchable, Anonymity, Blood Potency 2, Status (Carthian Movement) 2, Status (Mekhet) 2, Status (City) 2
  • Mask/Dirge: Jester/Survivor
  • Profession: Pest
  • Age: Late 20’s (79)
  • Player: onibear
  • Faceclaim: Joseph Gilgun

Keiran is a tall, lanky Irishman covered in simple tattoos. He seems to exclusively shop at secondhand stores (if he shops at all). Distressed band shirts, ill fitting jeans and well worn Doc Martens are his standard uniform. The only constant are the aviators over his eyes. The man takes �Junkie Chic� to an effortless level.

The hungry Shadow looks emaciated (more so) to the point that he�s beyond just Heroin Chic. Wild eyes bulge from his skull, lips peeled back from his teeth.

Height:6’2”Weight:165lbsComplexion:PaleHair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:BloodshotDate of Birth:19-somethingPlace of Birth:Cork, IrelandAccent:Heavy Irish Brogue
Build Type:LeanScars:NoneTattoos:Many, VariedPiercings:None

  • Rabblerouser (Vampires): Keiran is an Anarchist. Sure, he doesn�t actively move to break the walls down but he does have a habit of finding a nerve and just poking it over and over again. Whether he does this for a specific purpose or his own amusement is up to individual interpretation.
  • Useful Annoyance (Street): Keiran is usually carrying and tends to get his hands on various drugs. Most are, apparently, for his own use but he�s more than willing to share should you be able to deal with his personality
  • Hollow (Vampires): He�s the product of a Post-Mortem embrace. He has no reflection and doesn�t show up on camera, his voice doesn�t get picked up on phones and doesn�t even have an echo. [Roll Wits+Composure for every 30 minutes of interaction to notice]. Strangely� he DOES usually have a shadow�

The Insufferable Babysitter. She thinks she knows but she isn�t looking at the whole picture yet.

Coming Soon

  • “I think the finest Carthian I’ve met. He’s honest with himself—a struggle for most.” — John Murphy
  • “Ey so look. Keiran is probably fucked outta his mind just about every time ya see him. Ya fucking need a decoder ring and a translator just to make sense of whatever shit is comin out of his mouth. It ain’t about the words though. Words get in the fucking way. The fuckin spirit is what fucking matters. This mother fucker’s a straight savage, and I’m ride or die.” - Josef Turner
  • “Keiran…whatever can I say about my wayward charge? People have their ideas of him, some of them are closer to the truth than others. Those who think he’s somehow beneath them are the most fun of all to watch. There’s a keen mind in there somewhere, I think he’s smarter than he knows - or at least, smarter than he wants us to know. Dismiss him at your own peril.” - The Insufferable Babysitter
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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