Players: Justin Steed



Name: Justin Steed
Alias(es): Famine, Starvin Marvin, Porky Pie
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Gristlegrinder
Court: Summer - Dusk Ranger
Motley: Apocalypse
Needle/Thread: Bon Vivant/Joy
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 4, Spring Goodwill 2
Profession: Hedge Hunter
Apparent Age: 30
Player: NPC
Actor: Christian Bale



In a word, sickly. It’s rare that Justin actually leaves the Hall of Victors or is seen outside the Hedge save for necessity. Despite how much food he consumes, his body always looks like nothing more than a husk of pale skin hanging from his bones. One of the rare instances where the curse of his Keeper twists a mask to the point of being relatively unusable on the iron side.


Much like his mask, Famine’s mein looks the part of a starved horse on his deathbed. However sickly he might look, he is not lacking in energy or good spirit. Never seen without food of some sort, he has come to terms with his body’s condition and uses his lithe form to his advantage. You’ll find none nimbler and quicker than he and despite his form he shows incredible strength. However his body is not without his frailties…


Twisted Form(Changeling):

No one can blame a Lost for despising their form. For most, the decision wasn’t theirs to look the way they truly do beneath their Mask. Famine understands this and can speak of a kin mind with these individuals and often does, given the chance, to help them take that disgust with themselves and use it to fuel their wrath. Ultimately to aim their hatred at their former Keepers instead of themselves.

Hedge Game Hunter(Changeling):

One of the skills that aided Famine in becoming a Hunter of Huntsmen was his ability to stalk game in the Hedge. Knowing his constant insatiable hunger could quickly become a tax on the Silver Lining, he learned to track in the Hedge and hunt wild game to bring back to the Hall of Victors. An activity that has also inspired him to become a rather successful chef for the Freehold. He has earned a fair amount of favor with Spring as a connoisseur of Hedge delicacies who provides them with raw and cooked food worthy of their feasts.



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