Players: Julian Monroe



Name: Julian Monroe
Alias(es): Pestilence, Grandpa Pesto, Old Man, etc.
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Nightsinger
Court: Summer - Wroth General
Motley: Apocalypse
Needle/Thread: Storyteller/Family
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 5, Autumn Goodwill 3, Inspiring, Enchanting Performance
Profession: Financial Adviser
Apparent Age: 56
Player: NPC
Actor: Keith David



With his tall form and broad shoulders, Julianís very physical presence in combination with his posture bring attention all of their own. When he speaks, that soothing baritone garners the attention of all who can hear him. Wisdom of one who has seen and done much over the years is clear on his features, yet despite that, and the wooden cane he carries everywhere, he is still surprisingly spry for his age.


With a form that had been reshaped many times by the Keeper of the Herd, Pestilenceís body is now a twisted gnarly representation of the materials he had been made of. Being as tall as the tree he looks to be, and his age being a mystery due to the Wyrdís permanency, many jest that they should count the rings to find out how old he really is. The skull, however, is not his own but one of the Herdís who had fallen in Arcadia. Since he never removes it, and it does not manifest as a mask of its own in the Iron realm, many believe it to be a permanent fixture of who he now is.


Most of the year the smell and sound of burning timber in a fireplace can be heard. Faint embers lick flames between the cracks of his dry knotted bark while his soothing voice carries with it a soft smoke and embers of a dwindling campfire.

During Summerís reign, the barren wood erupts with the full flourish of flora that Summer brandishes between Springís birth and Autumnís death. His voice carries with it the raging roar of the infernos that run rampant through the seasonís woodland fires.



Financial Adviser(Any):

Along with his business partner Alecia, Julian runs a financial firm that runs audits for big names as well as companies large and small alike. While generally seen as the tamer and more reasonable of the two, his calm and composed demeanor can advise those on how to scorch the land and salt the earth of their clients competition.

The Story Teller(The Herd):

Those of the Herd know Julian to be both the reason they escaped their Keeper, as well as why it had taken so long to do so. Originally having been brought in to tell stories to the Keeper’s little toys, his distractions unwittingly gave their Keeper enough time to quash rising rebellions. When he was confronted with this, Julian was quick to use his stories to raise a rebellion of his own and distract their Keeper with a grandiose story of his own while the Herd escaped. Even now, almost thirty years later, the Herd has mixed feelings on whether he should be forgiven or not.


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