Players: Juan Perez



Name: Juan Perez
Alias(es): John Doe, Jack of Knives,Slinger…
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Summer
Motley: The Professionals
Needle/Thread: Chess Master/Joy
Public Effects: Mantle 3
Profession: Consultant and Entrepreneur, because Fairy Godfather isnt a real job…
Age: [Enter Here]
Player: Barr2
Actor: Miguel Angel Silvestre



When he wishes to be recognized as such, Juan tends to show as swarthy tall athletic man bordering on the stereotypical good looks of a ´┐ŻTelenovela´┐Ż Lead. whenever not ´┐Żdressing for the job´┐Ż Juan has a penchant for tailored clothing,especially European fashions, elegant leisure wear and suits, which sadly puts him at odds with Miami´┐Żs torrid weather. Never fully clean shaven but his facial hair never beyond a carefully curated stubble,A few slight scars on his face mark a colorful past and add to the roguish charm,as does the now muddled accent that hints at being well-traveled. On other times,it would beggar belief it is the same man at all…


A three dimensional mirror reflection, his Mask trapped just beneath a glossy veneer with patina and cracks where scars should be,his eyes two pools of mercury with flakes of gold floating where the irises should be. the light bends and refracts oddly around him with dramatic intensity. Unless he wants it to be something else, and as a mirrorskin…


The refracted light of his silhouette turns into gold´┐Żs and red hues of a rising run, back lighting the mist trailing off his silhouette, the faint smell of blade oil and chemical tension in the air. When particularly incensed his eyes take on a flaring golden hue.


Depending on who you ask there are multiple,sometimes conflicting accounts of who Juan Perez is,but a few common facts seem to re-emerge among acquaintances and the few who call themselves his friends:

-A first generation Immigrant from Cuba,lived and studied in Miami for several years before moving to the Old World for over a decade.

-A penchant for the Arts, frequenting different circles from Classic music to Jazz Clubs, experimental theater to Indie movies,Burlesque shows and niche Stand-up comedy scene,becoming a part of some performer´┐Żs entourages and having on occasion “managed” or “advised” a few with mixed results.

- A surprising figure to find among Miami´┐Żs jet-set or business and law circles, Juan is nevertheless in the background of many social media photos of the movers and shakers…never front and center,some say by mishap,some suspect by design.

-Some mention Juan´┐Żs presence in even seedier company among the Cuban,Colombian and Russian club owners and ´┐ŻBusiness men´┐Ż of Miami,but no conclusive report of any wrong-doing has been pinned,nor have Miami P.D. made him a person of interest, but “merely an interesting person.”


AnaKindred SpiritHeavy be our Crowns, though they shine like beaconsInspirit
IzzyMy Sunlight on DemandLiving Proof I have a HeartRingtone
MarciFriend, I guess (LOL)The Parry to my RiposteNinja Rap
PaxNew Friend, but Old SoulTop Brass, All ClassRingtone
BangPartnerA better half than I deserveRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Have We Met? (Everyone):

Juan’s ability to shift his form makes it so that it is likely that he has met you somewhere. Maybe he just the slight movement, a turn of phrase, or some feature, but there’s part of you that might know him from somewhere. Maybe you knew each other in school and it’s time to catch up!

To other changelings Juan’s mirrorskin kith allows him to meld himself to however he feels. Sometimes it feels like a test to see what he has changed to make sure his fellow lost are paying attention.

Student of the Blade (Fighters):

A member of the Iron Spear currently occupying the ranks of its Infantry, Juan tends to ply his more Martial endeavors solely among the Lost, as he presents himself as a sparring partner focused on the agile,fast use of weapons, with nod to classic Spanish fencing, but some French, Filipino and modern systems as well, on an more exotic bent, the changeling Martial art of Elemental Combat. Occasionally a Proxy or champion for Duels, or just a bodyguard for those in need of protection as they traverse the Mortal world or the hedge.

Outside the Lost circle, Juan run┬┤s his own training center. “The circle of Steel”. Altough offering contemporary classes in MMA and a gym, the core institutional focus remains in teaching armed self-defense and historical combat to select students, enter HEMA competitions as well as welcoming other instructors and dedicated scholars of traditional arts to teach and display their skills.

Fairy Godfather (Changeling, Everyone):

Juan has offered his services in different capacity to a variety of clients. Openly so if a member of the Freehold, accepting payment in cash or barter, never being as impolite as outright demanding favors.

Juan recently assumed the Entitlement of Slinger, making him a supernatural gun for hire,provided one has the coin to spend and the fortitute to see the mystical bond trough. where life can sometimes be worthless,death can have a price.

For the Mortals, his official designation is that of a Consultant/Mediator and Entrepreneur, and is more than eager to get involved with all manner of business endeavors and ideas, provided they are interesting and serve his purposes.


“The biggest thing about Juan is that once you figure out the balance of lies and truths that he has wrapped around him, he makes a lot of sense. Don’t expect full honesty, but he will tell you to your face when it’s important.” -Marci Carnisera

“One of my favorite people. I woudn’t say he’s trustworthy, but nevertheless I do trust him. With my life.” - Tempest Pax

“Big brother is such a bastard, but he helped me get started in this world when almost nobody was willing to even give me a chance. He’s always wrapped up in a million billion schemes to get stronger, more influential, richer that even though some of them end him up in rediculous places and he comes off completely selfish its actually kind of inspiring seeing how often he gets back up and into the next scheme even if the last one totally fell apart. Thanks for helping me understand and be patient while I try to be a stronger person too!” - Unicorn muscle

“You are the leader that see the details the rest of us miss. You are the friend that is there no matter what. You are the mirror that I gaze into and see my truest self staring back. My life would be less than it is without your presence in it. ´┐Ż Anastasia Vorobyova

“I know that I give you a hard time. I say that your stunts and your showing off is ridiculous and I laugh and I shake my head. But I hope you know I am your biggest fan. However, none of that compares to the tricks and the showmanship you save for me. When you smile quietly. When you laugh simply. When you’re at ease. The way you’ve made me love you is your greatest show of all.” - Bang

“What could you be, with a name or three, and another man’s face worn wrong?” - Gerard

“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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