Players: Josephine Garcia



Name: Josephine Garcia
Alias(es): Josie, Bright Huntress
Blood/Bone The Monster/Community Manager
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talon
Lodge: Lodge of the Fury Choir
Spirit Rank: Hursha
  • Cunning:
  • Glory: 2
  • Honor:
  • Purity: 4
  • Wisdom: 2
Pack: Copperhead Outlaws
Mate: Unknown
MCI: Mithras’ Standard
Public Effects: Striking Looks 1 (Adonia)
Profession: Pro Wrestler
Age: 30
Player: TheUserWin
Actor: Stephanie Beatriz


Hishu Apperance

Black hair in short curl going down to her shoulders, a stern expression and a soft brown skin. She tends to wear leather and denim.

Urhan Apperance

Dark Grey fur, thin coat and yellow eyes and a curiousity about it that’s almost unsettling.


PaxFriendWe’re better off with you here, not that you need me to tell you thatRingtone
NoellePackmate I feel safe even when I don’t see her, especially when I don’t see herRingtone
Angel PaynePackmateBite me, we both know how this’ll endRingtone
Pamela SalamPackmateSo eager to learn no matter how, she absorb everything, like she’s SpongePam SquarepantsRingtone
AnastasiaPrecious friendThe reason I’m wearing skirts againRingtone


From the top Rope (Wrestling Enthusiasts, Brawlers):

Josephine’s never been shy about her interest into pro-wrestling, she’s been seen a few times either as a Valet or a performer in the local circuits.

The New Gang (Werewolves):

Josephine isn’t a newly changed Uratha and she has some history in the region in general, she recently formed a pack with other local Uratha. It’s a topic she get pretty emotional and shameless about. Maybe there’s a fun story there.

Rainbows (LGBTQIA+):

Josephine is out of the closet, adorning her jacket with rainbow flags and other pins. It’s typically the only hint of color on her person.

A Different kind of Choir (Werewolf, Rahu):

Recently, Josephine has been seen and heard singing some strange song as she casually walks around and acts slightly differently when approaching a situation. Rumors has it that she’s joined a Lodge!


“Prima, I’m honored you confide in me. Should you need aid, call.” - Jere

“Yours is a friendship born from a chance encounter, a random meeting both delightful and unexpected. Since then, you have impressed me with your kind heart and pleasant conversation. I truly hope you find everything you want out of life.Anastasia Vorobyova

“I got a rhyme for my little dime, her name is Josie and that’s just fine. She comes across as a bit of a boss and somehow never all that cross. She’s totally gay and that’s okay because she’s my bae and I wouldn’t have her any other way.” - Elle

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