Players: Joseph Connolly



Name: Joseph Connolly
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Gristlegrinder
Court: Autumn
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Counselor/Memory
Public Effects: Lethal Mien, Mantle (Autumn) 4, Status (Education) 2
Profession: University Professor
Age: 35
Player: NPC
Actor: Hugh Dancy



Joseph is a man of above average height, with dark curly hair and brown eyes that can alternate between warm and bone-chilling depending on the need. He is a reserved man by nature, more prone to observation than action, but can make his presence easily known when the need arises.


At first blush, Joseph looks like your average ‘person turned into a stag’ stereotype: large rack of horns, black fur covering his body, what have you. One change that is shocking to most who see it is the teeth: although the muzzle looks normal at first, when opened it reveals jaws more like a cougar with teeth to match, ready to tear into whatever may be in front of him.


The sound of additional footsteps follow in Joseph’s wake, some shuffling like the source is dragging its feet while others are far heavier than one would expect to come from the man himself. The number and volume of the ghostly train varies, but there is always at least one source present.


Mastery of the Mind (University/ Law & Order):

Joseph is a professor in the Criminology Department at the University of Miami, focused primarily on forensic psychology. He has also done consultations with local law enforcement as needed on certain cases, including MDPD and the FBI.

The Last Face (Autumn):

The position of Ghul is not one that sees much use in the freehold of the Silver Lining, but since he took up the role Joseph has fulfilled it dutifully. What exactly happens to those who have been deemed worthy of execution by the freehold is known to only a scant few, and those who do know rarely speak of it.



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