Players: Josef Turner



Name: Josef Turner
Alias(es): NA
Sire: Phillip
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Coterie: None Yet
Public Effects: Status: City 1, Status: Carthian 2, Status: Crime 1
Mask/Dirge Rebel/???
Profession: Security for Forgotten Midnight and Nothing Else
Age: 26
Player: GrayEyedDevil2154
Actor: Jay Tavare


With Blush

With thick dark hair that falls to his shoulders, a strong jaw and a hawk like nose some might consider Josef to be handsome. Perhaps if he smiled more or appeared comforting by any stretch of the imagination. But he is a hard looking man, faint lines on his face tell of a hard lived life.

His body is well built, muscled and naturally bronzed. He most often wears clothing that would in most polite terms be called extremely casual. Jeans resting low on his hips, white t-shirts under jerseys. Bandanas and snap backs


While still darker then normal, is is a pale and sallow color. His dark eyes remain sunken on his face. His hair is dry and whispy like the sound of dead grass in the wind. He is still muscular, but it appears more sinewy and sharpened edges.


Larissa VasilievThrallDidn’t expect for this, didn’t ask for this. Let’s make the best of things.Ringtone
Keiran McCormackHonorary SavageThis fuckin guyRingtone
Delilah RoseBoss BitchCross her and your life is fuckedRingtone
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PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone



Josef is from the Oklahoma Seminole Nation. At outsider, of a sort. Though anyone suggesting such a thing would likely end up regretting it in short order. Why has he come home? Who knows for sure.


Josef carries a reputation. He does not back down from violence and is not afraid to use it either. He doesn’t threaten, He makes promises.

Gang Related(Criminal Types, Law Enforcement):

Despite Josef’s relatively new presence in the city he’s build himself a decent sized gang. Rumor is he’s a good guy to talk to if you are in the mood for some recreational substances


“This man right here… ::lights a new cigarette::…this absolute bloody unit right here is my fuckin’ best mate right now. We got on right away, we did…. oh aye…. saw potential in him, I did. He’s raw… bloody like a good steak but the lad’s as tough as a bad one. Me and that man with the right boots behind us? We’re gonna burn the whole System to the fuckin ground” - Keiran

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