Players: Jose Calderon



Name: Jose Calderon
Alias(es): None
Sire: Unknown
Clan: Venture
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Coterie: None
Public Effects: Status (City) 4, Status (Lancea et Sanctum) 4, Inspiring, Allies (Blood Banks) 3, Allies (Catholic Charities) 2, Allies (Hospitals) 2
Titles Bishop of the Lancea et Sanctum, Board Member on behalf of the Lancea et Sanctum
Profession: Charity Fund Raiser
Age: 179 (33)
Player: NPC
Actor: Jimmy Smits


With Blush

The Bishop is a handsome man with warm smile. A soft spoken demeanor, he’s quick to listen to your problems and will offer advice only if it is welcomed.


When deprived the Bishop’s warm smile turns predatory. His bronze skin takes on an ashy grey hue and even his hair seems to grey.


Jose Calderon is among the city’s oldest and most respected elders. A refugee from Cuba well before the days of Castro, he is considered to be one of the city’s “founding fathers” along with Bowen and Mason.

Calderon is a true believer in his faith and in the concepts of moderation and cooperation. It was his leadership that allowed the traditional Monachal and Westminster creeds to coexist with the Tollison. He is a pleasant public face for a covenant known to be rigid, intolerant, and overbearing.


On Tap (Kindred):

As a man deeply involved in charitable organizations, he is someone many Kindred have turned to in times of desperation. The Bishop can arrange a quick meal via the local blood bank or point the way to some of the more vulnerable citizens of Miami if you prefer your meals fresh. His influence in the medical field has even allowed him to coverup certain “accidents” by changing an autopsy report or two. Of course, no favors are free and as a result, many Kindred in Miami owe Bishop Calderon something.

Moderate Voice (Lancea):

Miami’s Lancea is not your typical Kindred church. Here the three mainstream creeds operate in unison, at least officially. Here the church is less about policing the behavior of Kindred and more about advising them through their requiems. At least that’s what Father Calderon would tell you.

Unto the Least of His Children (All):

In the world of Miami’s humanitarian charities, Jose Calderon has many friends. If you care about feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and giving shelter to the destitute chances are you’ve crossed paths with him. He not only arranges for financial donations and political support, but he’s known to show up in person and put in work down in the trenches. Only at night though.


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