Players: Jeremy Hoffman

Jeremy Hoffman

Age: 32

Apparent Age: 25–35

Height: 5’10”

Build: Average

Profession: Latin Teacher

Player: YoGrendel

Music: Come Clean, Dark Thing - Veruca Salt

What the Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine

Alala - CSS

Kiss Off - Violent Femmes

Extended Playlist

Appearance & Personality

Jeremy looks tired. He should be handsome, sure, but the sense of just being… done seems to carry throughout his appearance. His brown hair is cut short, fashionable, but always unkempt. His eyes should have a gleam, but they usually carry a sarcastic annoyance. His clothes are a mix of somewhere between fashionable and comfortable.

Public History

Jeremy is a recent move to the city. He currently works as a substitute Latin teacher for high schools across the cty. He also works as a full time barfly at many of the seedier bars around town.

Roleplaying Hooks

Clauvia et Flavia Sunt Puellae Romanae (Students, Researchers, Professors, Anyone):

Jeremy is a Latin teacher that’s recently come to town. But anyone looking into his past, or anyone that has dipped their toes into the Latin corner of academia, likely has heard that Jeremy was expected to do great things. Something happened during his college years that stopped all of that, and now he’s just another person reciting textbooks of a dead language.

I Heard You Know About That Kind of Thing (Occult, Miami Infoshop, Anyone):

Jeremy has a strong knowledge of the occult and has shown a grounding in firm study about the topic. He’s even indicated having a knowledge of rituals that affect the world around him. Beyond that, Jeremy’s curiosity about the hidden world around him is evident on his face whenever the subject if broached.

Day Drinking (Anyone):

Jeremy hasn’t turned down a drink since entering Miami. It’s not uncommon to find the would-be investigator stumbling out of bar. Sometimes that leads to strange friendships, and even stranger partners.


Hannah JacksonThe Best FriendRide or die. I mean, literally. Have you seen her drive?Ringtone
Chow MeinThe Hard to GetOne day…Ringtone
Floriano DiazOld AddictionGoddamnit.Ringtone
Gael ClementsThe Summoned DemonThere’s something with him, something that’s either going to be very cute or very scary.Ringtone


“I never thought I’d meet a modern Lenny Bruce, but I have. It’s a beautiful thing to meet someone who speaks the truth on their own terms and will never apologize for it.” -Hannah
This is a quote.” - Unknown

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