Players: Jeremiah Hamilton



Name: Jeremiah Hamilton
Nickname: Jay
Legend/Life: Unexpected/Loyal
Family: Ugallu
Hunger: Enabler
Kinship: Changelings
Public Effects: Barfly, Status (High Society) 3, Striking Looks 2 (Byronic), Striking Looks (Advanced); Alien Allure, Storm-Lashed
MCI: The Horde of Sovereigns
Profession: Club Owner
Age: 28
Player: QuicksilverFox85
Actor: Brendon Urie


Jeremiah fits what one would call the Byronic mold to a tee - dark features, an air of poise and sophistication that comes from within rather than being taught, and a sense of being far deeper than one could safely venture out to discover. The force of presence that exudes from the man is potent indeed, drawing the eye and endearing the mind almost as an afterthought, and the melodious tones of his voice make the words sound like they were meant for your ears alone.

Behind the mask of humanity, however, dwells a creature of shadow that once was brilliance incarnate before its fall from grace. The being calls to mind all those old tales of visitations from the servants of Heaven: genderless, possessing a form both stunning in its magnificence and subtly wrong in ways that one can�t quite put their finger on, just shy enough of perfect to make the failure to reach it that much more telling. When its eyes are open they shine in a brilliant shade of blue that almost defies description, with more following suit as the wings behind it unfurl, the shadows they cast stretching out much longer than they should.

Mien (Passing Resemblance Only)

In the eyes of those touched by the Wyrd his form is wreathed in shadows that elevate his already striking features into something closer to angelic in their near-perfection, his eyes shifting from their normal brown to a brilliant neon blue. A closer look at the shadows at his feet reveal the occasional flutter of unseen wings, settling back into place in short order.


ImageCharacter NameRelationshipCommentRingtone
Laura -Hyena- Walker‘Brood’-mateA fine friend indeed, and a woman of many talents besides.Breath of Life
Jackie Johansen‘Brood’-mateA sister in spirit, if not in bloodWho Do You Want To Be Today
Zima StavrosEmployeeSomeone worth knowing, and worth helping to know themselvesHazy Shade of Winter
Valentina PetrovaFriendA fast-growing friend, and one who understands the bonds of kinship better than mostRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch�intrate (Any):

Jeremiah is the owner and operator of The Second Circle, a jazz club and restaurant located in Little Havana. Local musicians are often invited to play and show off their talents, along with the occasional larger names here and there to bring in the crowds.

Raised in the Gables (Any):

Jeremiah has lived his whole life in Miami barring the occasional jaunt north for family matters and his undergrad years, ensconced in the upper crust of local society. His time out of town for college seemed to have done some good, however, with the young man emerging from the cocoon of entitled rich boy and proving himself to be an astute businessman who doesn’t brook the sort of behavior he once exhibited himself.

(Somewhat) New Fish (Beasts):

While he has been among the Devoured for a few years, Jeremiah hasn’t made many waves yet among the local population in Miami. He is looking to change that, however, keeping an eye out for any like-minded souls that would be worthwhile broodmates.

Don’t Dream It, Be It (LGBTQ):

Jeremiah is a part of the local LGBTQ scene as a proud pansexual man, doing his part to support those in the community who feel like the world doesn’t allow them to be who they truly are.

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Any):

While some might see it as an odd hobby for a man of his profession to have Jeremiah is something of a gardening enthusiast, keeping a well-cared-for collection of plants in his apartment and partaking in some of the local events and social groups that center around such things.



“Go to the grave calling him the Prettiest Man I ever Met. Period. But he ain’t just a pretty face. He’s observant. I see it in his eye when I’m Holding Court. He’s invested, I’ve got him but he’s watching… cataloguing. Tricky boy. He’s something else entirely and I so badly want to figure out what that means. He’s one of them novels you read cover to cover three or four times just to Get them, y’know?” -The Mad King

“He’s damn fine, innit he? Fun to look at, fun to talk to. Ah’m sure there’s so much more to him dat Ah’m lookin’ forward to getting t’find out more.” -BoomBoom Crash

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