Players: Jackie Hemley



Name: Jackson Hemley
Alias(es): Jackie
Sire: Anthony Taliaferro, a New-York based Nosferatu
Clan: Nosferatu-Cockscomb Society
Covenant: Invictus
Coterie: None so far
Public Effects: When in public in an unfamiliar area, Jackie carries a machete that he hides using Touch of Shadow
Mask/Dirge Courtesan/Spy
Profession: Party Promoter
Age: 60 (Appears to be 60)
Player: beast777
Actor: [Enter Here]


With Blush

Brown haired and with medium build. Jackie is good looking but not enough to truly stick out from the crowd, but has a strong stage presence when he decides to make himself known.


Jackie appears to lose flesh, becoming gaunt to the point of almost being skeletal when bloodless. His eyes become sunken, and his teeth and nails appear yellowed.


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Hook 1(Anyone):

Jackie Hemley is new to town and looking for work. He has been leaving out cards with “Hemley Promotions” on them and his number. He is willing to help promote and organize events, from underground raves to cocktail parties. The fact that he barely knows the Miami social scenes is not something he considers an obstacle, more of a challenge.

Hook 2(Vampires, Ghouls, Dhampirs):

Vampires and their kin who have Cacophony Savvy or ties to New York may find out the story of Jackie’s requiem up to this point, which was essentially being a spy for the Cockscomb Society in New York. Officially he’s now independent. This means that a manipulative vampire may want to use Jackie’s skills for their own advantage, while a paranoid one may suspect that he is still a spy for his sire, working some unknown agenda on Miami.

Hook 3(Mortals, others):

Jackie believes in getting himself out there for his work. He hangs out in bars, nightclubs, and other party venues, both schmoozing and genuinely having a good time as he relives the funnest moments of his mortal days.


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“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I think we’re going to get along just fine” -Vivica.
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