Players: Jack Frost



Name: Jack Frost
Alias(es): Summer Blizzard
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Summer - Crimson Champion
Motley: Apocalypse
Needle/Thread: Visionary/Friendship
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 5
Profession: Physical Trainer
Apparent Age: 26
Player: NPC
Actor: Josh Hartnett



A rather attractively fit young man with a friendly smile and a heart of gold. Jack’s dark hair always has a bit of a flair to it with eyes that would be equally dark if not for a striking ring of gold in his irises to compliment them. With him comes a breeze of hot summer air with a rise in humidity that makes one catch their breath. Yet despite the warm summer air that comes with him, his skin is always refreshingly cool to the touch.


Beneath the mask is a smirking elemental not nearly as frosty as his name. Hair of threaded snowflakes as uncontrollable as his nature and the pale soft skin hardened by the black ice just beneath. To one paying attention, they can see the snow and ice of his body shift subtly when different emotions are expressed.


Despite his kith’s notorious ability to deceive others, Jack has long since been unable to hide the molten gold wrath of Summer from his eyes. A flurry of snow surrounds him that feels more akin to the burning sands of a desert than cold flakes and his very presence inspires all to rise and stand up for what they believe in.



Physical Trainer(Any):

At the LA Fitness in Downtown Miami, Jack Frost works as one of the physical trainers for those seeking the service. His style can be intense and unforgiving during the sessions, but is always filled with encouragement both before and after. If you’re the type to grit your teeth and say “Fuck you!” to your trainer and push through to the end out of pure spite, then ask for Jack.

Crimson Champion(Summer):

For those looking for inspiration, training or just a friendly conversation, Jack is your man. His straight-forward, no bull shit approach to conversation, and really anything, can be refreshing for some, or harsh for others. To him, in their court there’s no time for beating around the bush or prancing around feelings. All of them have to reforge themselves in the heat of their season and come out stronger for it. He understands that not all start out strong and to those who are honestly trying, no matter how weak they may be, he’ll happily offer a helping hand to build that strength.


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