Players: Hermetic Sisterhood

“Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”

Mystery Cult: The Hermetic Sisterhood
Leading Lady: Samantha Raine
Sphere: Chairty, Media
Relic: The Philosophers Stone
Sanctuary: The Honu Foundation
Themes: Female Empowerment
Young and Ambitious
pragmatic enlightenment


The Hermetic Sisterhood is a secret society of young and gifted women that exists to help each one to achieve its greatest and most profound potential. Built on concepts of Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy its members seek to perfect themselves and transform to a higher level of success, knowledge, power, or whatever it is they seek. The society seeks to use their combined ability to even the scales of an unforgiving and unfair world, one set against young women from achieving the success and respect the members seek. Through occult and philosophical principles, devout loyalty, and burning passion the Sisters will first transform themselves, but also the world

Meeting Place:

The Hanu Foundation Building, in Surfside servers as a meeting place for the sisterhood. a large building bosting offices and small apartments for the women the foudnation helps. At the top, Is a penthouse where the Sisterhood meets.


The Hermetic Sisterhood engages in transformative practices inspired by Hermetic traditions alongside Greek system collegiate structure of Sisterhood. Part networking club, part social group, and part occult secret society, every level of the cult is tied to a new challenge and progression to succeed. Members of the club are encouraged to support each others ambitions and at the very least never work against them. The occult practices are borrowed from its founders studies of Alchemy, and philosophically tied to a transcendence of personal limitations and shedding of weaknesses of character into a greater more perfect form. However, in this society knowledge and occult skill is not gained for the sake of knowledge alone, but expected to be a practical tool to gain greater standing in the world as a whole for both yourself and your sisters


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