Players: Hannah Jackson



Name: Hannah Jackson
Nickname: None Yet
Virtue/Vice: Competitive/Envy
Public Effects: None at this time
Profession: Engineer/Racer
Age: Mid 20’s
Player: snowcrane
Actor: Valentina Zelayeva (until I find a better one)


Hannah is a slight, blonde, wiry woman who has spent a good amount of time in the sun. She frequently has grease under her fingernails and smellls vaguely like an auto shop. She favors casual dress, and can be found either at work, under the hood of a car, or relaxing at the beach. [Enter here]


Orlando Lawless Cousin He Truly is Florida Man.Ringtone
Etta Tyler I am her FangirlFrom what I can see, you are kindness, beauty and compassionRingtone
Mark Trewhella Pirate Seriously,ask him to say ‘Cider’. Proves he’s a pirate.Ringtone
Neptune Iocaste Former Bestie You left too soon. I’ll never forget.Ringtone
Prism TacitFriend I like your resilience!Ringtone
Quentin MerryweatherFaux Sibling Are you sure we’re not related? Because I keep thinking you want to be my big brother..Ringtone
Bret HauserHot Mess The only man brave or fool enough to ride shotgun with me in a race.Ringtone
Jerry Lakin Dry Ice A lot more layers to this piece of mica than I think he even knows.Ringtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


College Students:

Want to build a better anything? You have to learn a bit of science. Hannah has enrolled in the University, studying Engineering.

I wanna go fast!:

Her not-so-secret love is driving: driving very, very fast. Her passion is working on, and driving stock cars. She definitely has aspirations to race on more than just the local circuit. Just needs to get her name out there..

Florida Woman Wrestles Gator:

Hannah is a native of the Panhandle area, and is no stranger to the swamp shennanigans of her state. Nothing about this place seems to surprise her, and Miami is a whole new world. Is she still in Florida?


“She started off as my student, turned into my closest friend. I adore that girl unlike any other. I would literally kill or die for her.” - Space Princess Neptune

“Fastest friend I ever made out of the service. Gotta brain that must have been kept sharp with a goddamn wood rasp. Clearly gonna learn more from her than I thought.” - Quentin Merryweather

“Hannah is such a good friend, She works so hard and desrves a break. I am here for you when you need me.” - Sam

“Never forget the devil assumes a pleasing form, but there is no truth in him for he is the father of lies. He is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” -Preacher

“She floats like a taraxacum seed, just sort of drifts along in her odd way, which I suppose dovetails into her odd past. Genius is like water in that it goes where it wants, and she is very much like water in that regard. Circumstances do not deter, matters of class and status were obstacles to go around or through. Yet, she is affected by her past as we all are. I hope she comes to terms with what she is.” - Eris Negate

“She thinks my ass is perfect.” - Bret Hauser

“The woman literally cut her teeth on a Snap-On wrench as a baby, and now she’s a rocket scientist. I couldn’t be more proud of Hanners.” - Cousin Ray

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