Players: Gwendolyn Matthews



Name: Gwendolyn Matthews
Alias(es): None
Motley: None
Virtue/Vice: Patient/Curious
Public Effects: Court Goodwill (Autumn) 2, Striking Looks (Ephemeral) 1
Profession: Student
Age: 19
Player: NPC
Actor: Evanna Lynch


Gwendolyn is short in stature and pale of feature with an odd ethereal air about her, something that was only enhanced by the venture into the Hedge that turned her into one of the fae-touched. She can often be found with a book of some sort on her person, whether to read or to make notations on whatever project or idea she has come to mind.


First Year (University):

Gwendolyn is a freshman at the University of Miami, majoring in Latin and Greek.

Research Assistant (Autumn Court):

Although the Lost to whom her promise was made has not yet returned, Gwendolyn ended up in the orbit of Diana Bradshaw thanks to their mutual love of history (and old-school movie classics). She has since been a welcomed aide to the Lady Scrivener’s duties for the court, adding her own insights to the matters that the Lost study.


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