Players: Gwendolyn Bernhardt



Name: Gwendolyn Sarah-Louise Bernhardt
Alias(es): Hart, Keeper of the Waystation, Doe
Date of Birth: Sept 13th, 1996
Age: 23
Virtue/Vice Generous/Impatient
Profession: Current Keeper of The Waystation & Former Beauty Queen
Public Effects: Ghost Child, Striking Looks 2(Wholesome, Sweet), Raised by Wolves, Indomitable
Player: Selcouth
Actor: Alexandra Daddario


Standing at 5’8”, her brown hair normally let down in slight waves, or bundled up into a messy bun held with chopsticks. The most startling features are her bright blue eyes, they almost seem to be contacts because no one should have eyes that blue. She seems to be in average physical shape, but its often hard to tell as she favors baggy tshirts, and hoodies along with blue jeans. If she is doing anything strenuous she will always have on gloves and long sleeves and pants. She seems to be shy about people touching her, often pulling away. Those who get close to her, or who have supernatural sense of smell, notice a pleasent aroma coming from her. It reminds people of a scent they adore and love. It’s inviting and almost addictive in nature.



Gabriel BernhardtFatherThough he no longer rungs with a pack, Gabe still sometimes helps out with Zenith. He spends most of his time running Bernhardt BreweryRingtone
Sophia FairchildMotherYes.. My mother is the News Anchor on NBC 6 and former Beatuy Queen. She also runs with Zenith LLC.Ringtone
Max BernhardtOlder BrotherWho doesn’t enjoy having a older brother.. always there to give disapproving frowns to anyone who looks at me?Ringtone
Vieve FairchildCousinPeople think she is lazy, but really.. she’s just converving her enegry for her artRingtone
Nevaeh FairchildCousinAhh the Rockstar cousin. Always fun having someone you’re related to be famous. But she still had time to come and help me heal up.Ringtone
Lottiethe Robo Spirit Spider FamilliarBe very careful when you’re trying to sweet talk people when you need stuff.. You may end up with a fan base.Ringtone


Ryan NashThe ExWell, he broke my heart, so i broke a beer glass on his face. Now he sleeps on my couch.Ringtone
Weston AlbrightBest FriendHe doesn’t ask prying questions, he just accepts things I state as fact. He’s there when I need support and doesn’t pressure me.Ringtone
Carson WalkerFriendThe monster who has my back. He brings good burgers.. and cuddles.Ringtone
Brody PeckFriendAhh the hottie with the hammer and the beard. He gives good steel.Ringtone
Rune TabariFriendHave you ever met the physical embodement of sugar rush? This is herRingtone
William MartinFriendAhhh Teacher, a romantic.. poet, smart ass and all around great guy.Ringtone
Lisette ColeFriendShe helped me through a lot and helps keep us all sane.Ringtone


Roberto LunaChildhood FriendIn Kindergarden, he announced we would be married. Now years later, we’re still best of friends.Ringtone
Tempest PaxFriendCome on.. who doesn’t need a lawyer friend? An just look at her..Ringtone
Lucian BlackwellFriendAhh the Sewell family hotness..Ringtone
Trent LewisFriend/AllyGood guy to have when you need to deal with unstable people.Ringtone
Simone TurnerFriend/AllyHottest Photographer around.. seriouslyRingtone
Markus KincaidFriendHe’s there when i need support..Ringtone
Christian BrownThe Doctor!Amazing and gifted, he can return it back to normalRingtone
Ascian BengProduce SupplierGood guy to have around and has some of the best produce ever!Ringtone


Heavy is the head that wears the crown.(Anyone)

From a young age, Hart has competed in beauty pagents. She often won supreme or grand supreme titles. Showing off her skill for dancing during the talent spot. Many in the community though she would reach her goal of being crowned Miss America, but after high school ended, she suddenly stopped due to a terrible accident.

Closed mouth(Locals):

Anyone native, or who’s been around the past five years, would have possibly heard about the young girl who was attacked by some kind of creature. Different people claim a florida panther, others say a large dog or a bear. The rumors paint many different pictures. Only thing that is known is Hart spent a very long time in and out of hospitals recovering. She almost never wears anything that shows off her back.

Whats that Scent?(Anyone):

Hart’s exciting tell showed up in her last year of high school. She has struggled to learn to work and live without letting it run rampid. She is very careful about when, where and who is allowed to actually touch her skin. Anyone who does touch her, please PM the player


“I see your struggle, and I see all the good you’re doing despite it. You’ll change us all through example, for the better. “ -Vivi

“Kissed her, broke shit in her bar, punched her friend.. and she still doesn’t really hold it against me? How good a person is she?” -Alex

“Hart is my oldest and dearest friend. I have known her longer then anyone who is not blood. I would do anything for her. We almost got married after all.” - Roberto Luna

“Hart! My favorite cousin, no. one fan, best friend, and hero. I used to wish we were sisters, but I think as cousins we’re better friends. One of my lady rebel friends. I can’t wait to see what hell we can raise now that we’re back together again.” - Nev

“Hart’s… complex. She’s intelligent, skilled and that wit of hers is razor sharp. She’s also a mischievous rebel, ready to raise a little hell just like her rockstar cousin. And just like her cousin? She’s made of solid steel under that sugar sweet demeanor of hers. She’s fantastic. I’m genuinely glad to have met her” - Colt
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
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