Players: Glitch



Scandroid - End of Time


Name: Glitch
Pronouns: he/him
Seeming: Elemental
Motley: Direct Action (Gets The Goods)
Needle/Thread: Speedrunner / Video Games
Public Effects:
Age: Young Adult
Player: Priyakara


‘ ’Like a black hole’s event horizon, the impassable barrier of its CRT screen hides a richness we can speculate about but never experience directly. What happens in its unseen regions? Perhaps the laws that reign there are not the brutal laws of the maze. Perhaps the tunnels move through an endless Valhalla of energizer dots with no ghosts in sight, tantalizingly close, if only we could break free. There is a world beneath the glass that we can never know.” - D.B. Weiss, Lucky Wander Boy


A young adult on the shorter side of average, with dark hair and fair skin. Usually seen wearing a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers in all black. His features are pale and flattened, with thin lips and a slender chin.


Behind the Mask, Glitch is pixellated. His entire body appears faceted into a myriad of tiny cubes, or squares, their depth difficult to detect. They appear smaller and finer when examined up close. Some of these pixels display garbled patches of color and fragmented symbols. This ‘corruption’ flickers randomly across his skin now and then, and tends to persist along the lines of his many scars.




MirrorMotleymatePlayer TwoBeneath the Mask
ValkyrieMotleymateLuminous FighterConfidence in the Domination


Work in Progress:

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From the Game World and Back (Lost):

The boy who became Glitch gave up on this disappointing reality to dwell in the world of Games. The Game Master spent years honing him into the ultimate Player. In the years since his escape, he’s found things to love and protect on this side of the glass, but a final goal still lurks within him: return to the Game World, kill the Game Master, and finish breaking what he started.


“He’s known me longer than anyone living. I couldn’t live without him.” - Teagan
“Glitch fascinates me. It would be an error to mistake his occasional coarseness for a lack of guile, and my heart is almost colored by pity for anyone he puts in his (digital) crosshairs.” - Tempest Pax
“That’s not even what a Changeling is” - someone who needs a placeholder quote

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