Players: Gigi Gomez



Name: Gilberte Gomez
Nickname: Gigi
Virtue/Vice: Persistent & Covetous
Profession: Freelance Consultant
Age: 35
Player: honeycakes
Actor: Eva Mendes


Standing a statuesque 5’10”, Gigi cuts a leggy hourglass figure that is hard to ignore. She favors dark clothing with classic lines like pencil skirts, not seeming to mind if heels take her even higher. Her features are heartbreaking in certain circles — dark hooded eyes with a lush mouth convey an approachability factor rivaling that of a nest of baby vipers. The Resting Bitch Face is legendary; framed by dark hair usually left down in soft waves to the middle of her back.

Reasons to Play

Morally Questionable:

Gigi’s definition of legal and illegal are more loose than 99% of the population. She isn’t quite sure why people shouldn’t give themselves a leg up. She’s not about playing on the “rugged individualism” field as it was handed to her.

Vocationally Questionable:

She’s been hustling since she was a teenager and is quite familiar with the game. She is well versed in the art of digital and physical forgery, information recon, identity theft, credit card fraud, and gaming various systems. Gigi believes that crime is the answer to capitalism and that stealing from the rich is almost as good as eating them.


Gigi is a native of Miami and has just moved back. There is a distinct possibility that she was known to Miami natives 15+ years ago before she moved to Chicago.


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“You are swearing now that some day… some day you will destroy me… Remember, far better people than you have sworn to do the same. Go and look for them now.” - Atia of the Julii.

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