Players: Gerard Key



Name: Gerard Key
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Draconic
Court: Summer
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Protector/Love
Public Effects: Summer Mantle: 3 (Crimson Lance)
Profession: Thug
Age: 34
Player: Pagan
Actor: Ryan Hurst



Gerards Mask is that of a broad shouldered 6 foot white man with a scruffy beard and a long head of thick brown hair that he keeps tied in pony tails, braids, or loose buns to keep it out of the way. His ears are cauliflowered a bit, and there are a couple distinct scars on his face. He is rarely, if ever, seen without general biker attire when not training. When his arms are exposed you could see a half sleeve from his left shoulder down to his bicep that depicts aspects of various warrior cultures in abstract, and a forearm tattoo of dogs fighting on his right.


Vicious junk yard dog. While he maintains mostly human features at his lower wyrd, Gerard has some distinct canine features from the broad nose, strong jaw full of meat rending teeth, and clipped ears. It becomes difficult to discern whether the deep brown, almost black eyes, are soulful or simply that of a predatory animal.


Dry breezy summer heat. Grass browns lightly at his feet, drying out in his shadow. Heat intensifies by a barely perceptible amount when his gaze falls on you, ten fold if he looks on you with malice. Overcast thunder clouds hang out in the background of his visage but encroach and crack heat lightning as Gerard grows upset.


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The Summers Summer(Changeling):

Since coming from the hedge, Gerard has thrown himself in with the summer with single minded devotion. With skills and philosophies already in sync with their dogma. Gerard has gone to great lengths to keep his skills in the public eye. If you’re summer, you’re family, and he can be counted on for training or if you need muscle for your thing.

Bar Security(Anyone):

Gerard has had many bar security jobs just to keep his head above water financially. He’s been fired from most of them. You could have seen him working the door or bouncing at establishments from strip clubs to local dives. Right now he works security as The Second Circle, should you want to price out getting thrown out of a supernatural jazz club.

Warranty+ for Fucking Shit Up (Anyone):

Gerard makes a secondary living as a Merc. In such a short amount of time being active in the city of Miami, he’s not very well known, but you may have heard about him through word of mouth. That word of mouth may be that he doesn’t get much work because he won’t kill.

“You know those automatic bad boy guys in movies? The ones you know are just going to later turn out to have a kinda change and a heart of gold? I think Gerard is actually from one of those movies. He acts all kinds of tough but then just seems to melt around small baby animals. It’s cute.” - Hart

“Wouldn’t you know it? There I am slacking off in a gym and then this guy just like hovers all over me and just as I think I’m about to get my ass beat he simply clears his throat and asks me to unass the machine I was perched on so he could use it. I took full advantage and I am proud of that. Now he is stuck with me all because he wanted to use a machine at the gym” - Hani

“No one can acuse him of being subtle,or restrained,or being patient.No one can also accuse him of being lazy,cowardly or disloyal either. when its time to fight,he fights for keeps, can anyone demand more?” Juan

“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
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