Players: Gabriel Riordan



Name: Gabriel Riordan
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Artist
Court: Spring
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Composer/Acceptance
Public Effects: Fame 1 (Singer), Inspiring, Status (Media) 2, Mantle (Spring) 4
Profession: Musician
Age: 29
Player: NPC
Actor: Hozier



Gabriel is a tall man, standing well over six feet, but even so he tends to fade into the background as most of his seeming are prone to do. He keeps his dark curly hair long, often pulled back into a ponytail or a bun, and his clothing choices tend towards the casual no matter the situation.


Behind the Mask Gabriel appears drawn onto a blank canvas draped around a human frame, the play of shadows obscuring his features a nod to the darkness he brought back with him from Arcadia upon his escape. His speaking voice is soft but carries far when necessary, wrapped in the sounds of pencils scratching across parchment.


As befitting one who wears the crown the Mantle of Spring is strong around Gabriel, taking shape in the constant breeze around him scented with floral notes that don’t mesh with anything found on the Ironside. Nearby plant life seems to reach towards him, seeking out the source of the energy and renewal that radiates from him.


Sing, Muse… (Artists):

Since his return from Arcadia, Gabriel has put a good bit of work into fostering the talent of a multitude of the city’s young artists and performers. While his own specialties lie in music he has acted as a patron and muse to artists of all stripes, cultivating their Desire to make a mark on the world around them with their art.

Pillar of Stability (Spring Court):

The current Spring Monarch has been a quiet presence in the freehold for the last decade, and while the crown wasn’t something that he sought with any real fervor but his dedication to the duties of the role once he received it has kept him in the position since 2015, one of the longer reigns in recent memory. Keeping the sometimes tumultuous herd of cats that make up the Verdant in line can be hectic but he manages it well, acting as a fine representative of the court to the freehold at large.



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