Players: Etta Tyler



That my appetite gets it’s way It keeps on growing and growing Before you know it, I’m a beast swallowing prey

Just how this would end When I get what I want And I never want it again

Name: Etta Tyler
Nickname: Not yet!
Legend/Life: Seductive/Loyal
Family: Makara
Hunger: Nemesis
Kinship: Not yet!
Public Effects: Striking Looks, Advanced, Alien Allure, Siren’s Treacherous Song
Profession: Singer
Age: Mid-20’s
Player: Oko
Actor: Rachel Aust


She’s remarkably attractive, drawing eyes and attention wherever she goes. Her eyes are the same blue of the ocean, hair pitch black. Her form is toned and trim with just the right amount of curves, and she clearly exercises. There’s something predatory to her, a cold edge to her gaze or perhaps something in her body language that conveys a vague sense of menace that, nonetheless, draws one in, the same magnetism present in every femme fatale from every noir story ever written. Her clothes tend toward the form-fitting, but nothing too revealing, frequently in jeans and t-shirts, stylish-on-a-budget dresses.


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She’s got one of those voices that crawls inside your head and doesn’t leave, and she may not be famous, but you won’t forget one of her performances. Did you see her when she was booked at a local club, or perhaps trying out some new material at an open mic night somewhere?

Swimmer(Athletes/Fitness fans):

She swims. It’s only natural, given her Family, but she loves to spend time in the water, rain or shine, and if she can’t be in the ocean, she’ll be at one of the local pools. She even had a silver in the state championships ten years back. Are you a fellow swim nut, or do you just spend a lot of time at the beach?


She has a habit of wrecking homes, and intervening in relationships that were happy before she arrived. Did she destroy your happy home life, or do you know someone who did?


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A horror person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

“when we met I never knew she’d be more than someone wild I’d party with and cheated at karaoke. I never thought there would be so much to her and so many surprises, and she would care so much as she does. I never thought the dark places In her would welcome me, and find a happy place to grow. I never thought we’d fall in love and I dont think now I’ll ever stop.” - Izzy.

“Some of the most dangerous predators are the prettiest. Seen a Tiger? Seen a Lion Fish? Seen a Green Mamba? All of them are really pretty creatures. But all of them are exceedingly dangerous. Keep in mind that you are around a predator and you should be fine. If you forget that you are around a predator she’s likely to remind you. I hope that if that happens you can walk away from it. - Marci

“Truth comes in many forms. And while you are yes - fairy tale beautiful - I remember that fairy tales were actually horror stories. They also spoke of the human condition, as do you. I will keep listening to your truth as long as you take time to tell it to me.” -Hannah

“We’ll always have the highway and the park, right? I’ll be here whenever you need me.” -Eris

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