Players: Eris Negate



Name: Eris Negate
Nickname: Dork, Nerd, The Professor
Legend/Life: Vicious/Cautious
Family: Inguma
Hunger: Ravager
Kinship: N/A
Public Effects: Adv Danger Sense, Alien Mindset, Unbreakable, Mimir’s Wisdom, Intelligence 6 due to Epic Potential
Profession: Psychology Professor
Age: 18
Player: Foo
Actor: Xphyllisx


Eris, it could be described, is a raven among swans. Gangly, tall and thin, moving with a loose-jointed awkwardness that seems to speak of an age that’s younger than she actually is. Her hair is straight and auburn of color, with the pale skin of one that might have stayed indoors for most of their lives. There’s a dollup of freckles on a face that’s just this side of attractive, as late teens tend to be just before things kick in one way or another. A flux of money leaded to a fashion upgrade: Her usual go to of jorts made from off-brand jeans she pulled from who knows where to cargo capri pants, and her usual utilitarian shirts have given way to various t-shirts with symbols and slogans, most of wish lend to the macabre and disquieting. Her prize article is a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Union Jack High Top sneakers, one of a few mementos of her trip to Oxford University.

There’s been a bit of a recent move, more of a sideways motion than upwards. Due to her relationship with a certain cheerleader by the name of Alexis, she decided to pack up her credentials and talents, pull up roots and get a job over at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami. The move was met with mixed reviews by the faculty, with some viewing it as an unexpected windfall while others pulled their hair out in lamentation. J&W was delighted beyond belief, and as for Eris herself, well… she doesn’t have to worry about the shadow of scandal looming over her and hers.

Her Horror is the BAD TRIP, the accidental ingesting of deliriants by cavemen, the spiked drink of LSD taken by a person attending bible camp, a deep dream made manifest. A tall humanoid that is flesh undulate, too rich in tone, too many variants in color, eyes where they should not be, eyes all over, and visions flickering in and out of her person; was that an animal in her hair?


PrinnyMy BedazzlerI’ve never known a woman like her and for that matter I’ve never known a monster like her either. She’s sort of the personification of a Bad Girl, the one that the noir hero loses his soul over, offering it to her chunk by bloody chunk. Conversely she’s helped me out at every corner, given me gifts, insists on caring for me. Plus she’s kind of amazing in bed. She has bedazzled me, and I can only hope to ride with her for as long as I possibly can.


Yes, I am a professor… (Academic types):

Two PhDs and a thesis lends to an academic fast track the likes of which are rarely seen, if ever. Before she was a gifted showpiece that was exploited by others to advance their own careers and agendas, but no longer is that the case. Now she can steer her own ship and lay down roots, mold young minds…

It Haunts The Old Bookstores (Occultists, Professors, Researchers):

She’s called a regular at this point, depending on who you ask, and most of the old guard that own the occult bookstores, or the old and rare bookstores, the used bookstores, they know her by name. Bit of a greenhorn, but the general consensus is that she knows her shit, or at the very least she knows how to find the shit that she wants to know.

Hungry Nightlife (Beasts, Supernaturals):

Eris has accomplished much in the mundane world, going from freshman to professor in the space of months (the trick was preparation before college and an inhuman intelligence), and she’s tasted a family dinner and dealt with her first Hero (she waited for a month and had a plan to kill him with the help of Lorelei, but by that time he had vanished). She has expanded her Lair and dealt with the monstrous nightmare that guarded it. She learns things night by night, hunting for knowledge in old tomes and picking up bits lore and society from the extended family of grotesqueries she crosses paths with, swapping stories and adventures into the uncanny.


“I’ve seen a few of these true beings here recently… none I wanted to hug more than Squishy-Eye Eris… she’s adorable!” - Charlotte

“For someone so young she’s extremely competent, I want to see how far she can spread her legend.” - David Harlow

“My first actual friend in this city and now so much more. I’m lucky to know someone so strong and smart. Never thought I’d meet someone who could be a bad influence on me and I love every second of it.” - Etta

“My little sister, my voice of caution and reason when i want to be incautious and unreasonable. She’ll be the best of us someday.” - Terry Heide

“Not many people can surprise me. I didn’t see Eris coming. I guess all it took was some shared voyeurism, cannabis, and a lot of liquor. It’s like Hunter S Thompson says, ‘I hate to advocate the use of drugs and alcohol but they have always worked for me!’ ” -Margo Royal

“ I know you can talk like you have all the answers, but I also know you’re smart enough to know that you really don’t. There is so much more you can learn if you stop thinking and just start watching the world around you. Silently, with the powers of the lazy I can open your mind up to true enlightenment. Like Jedi stuff, now how much can you lift. Part of your training involves carrying me on your back.” - MaricelaDeSola

“I really like just vibing with Eris, woman’s great to sit back and get blitzed with while you enjoy the night sky or watching a fire change colors. Girl couldn’t ask for a better Pot Buddy.” - Shane Lawson

“Such a wonderful enigma wrapped up in an unassuming package.” -The Princess.

“Eris is someone I’ve known for a real long time without ever like super gotten to know and getting close until recently. I’m glad I did too, she’s real smart, kind, funny, and just like sassy and cynical enough to balance me out. I’m sure in the future we’ll be some of the best of friends!”- Izzy

“Ever meet someone and you realize that you just sort of click? Eris isn’t at all like any of the acquaintances I had before my Devouring. She’s real, and funny, and someone whose opinion I greatly respect. She may very well be the first true friend I’ve ever known.” - Alexis Stone

“Eris is probably the smartest person I know and has the reach to get anything she wants. Or Anyone”- Lita

“On the surface, I see the prodigy - this crazy smart woman who has risen through the ranks to do the impossible. However, knowing how hard it is to do the impossible, I know how it warps souls. And the more I watch her, I see how guarded she is. We’re mirrors of each other. Tell me, how did it warp you? Are you going to keep hiding?”- Hannah

“I had these two competing theories: first, that only fools could become Begotten; second, that being… devoured, was it?… made one foolish. The professor ain’t a fool, to understate it. That blows holes in both those theories and now I’ve got to go back to the drawing board. “ - John Murphy

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