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Empyrean Farms

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The Farm

Farmhouse: Situated back from the farm�s entranceways amongst the trees, and built next to the land�s running river, the farmhouse of Empyrean Farms is an immense, 4,160 square foot home featuring a large offside garage, wide patio, bbq area and a large portion marked off for an archery range in the backyard. Inside the house boasts eight bedrooms for residents and guests, five and a half bathrooms, a large living room, dining room and expansive kitchen, games and entertainment room with pool tables, ping pong and bar, and small theatre style set up. There is also a small weight room and personal gym with simple equipment, mechanical and free weight.

Farm: Sitting on 700 hectares to the Southwest of the City of Miami, Empyrean Farms is a large working farm bisected by a wide, flowing river. A well-kept parking lot off the highway leads to the farm�s produce and product store and the visiting centre, with employee housing in a bunkhouse and single or two-bedroom prefabricated housing. A comfortable, well-appointed medical clinic staffed around the clock is maintained nearby as well. Beyond that lies the big, sprawling farmhouse with the water behind it. The fields and orchards beyond are full of all manner of fruit and vegetables; cherries, oranges, blood oranges, various apples, peaches and pears, pumpkins, salad and garden produce, and fields of wheat, barley, malt, hops and rye. Warehouses allow for finished products to be made, from alcoholic beverages, ciders and juices to baked goods, canned fruits and preserves and health and wellness products, in both mundane and �medicinal� varieties. A large stable maintained by professional staff holds numerous horses, while an immense, netted off section of the farm allows for the maintenance of a large scale aviary and bird sanctuary. Empyrean farms is always looking for employees, investors and business partners, and offers a variety of work, school credit and rehabilitation programs with local schools and universities and legal organizations. It�s owners also run a local Co-op for the Miami-Dade County area, as well as offering local veterinary care for farm animals.

Aviary: Set on its own 4 acres with a visitor�s center/staff facility, the aviary is largely home to various species of predatory or parrot species, including a variety of endangered species native to the area, or taken in from rescue attempts. Corvids, parrots and various raptor species can be and are trained here for a variety of purposes from service animals to helping clean the area of litter or helping with farm pests or keeping airports free of other birds and drones.

Apiary: Sitting on its own acre of land, the bee and honey production on Empyrean farms is done part and parcel with conservation efforts to ensure the safety and health of the local population. Top of the line apiaries provides for large scale production and harvesting of honey, which is then used for a wide variety of products including meads, jams and compotes, and skin and health care products, again in both traditional and �medicinal� varieties.

Cannabis farm: The main source of Empyrean�s increasing revenues and the major purpose of the farm itself, multiple large, high-end greenhouses grow the farm�s cannabis crop for the purpose of legal distribution and sale for medicinal purposes, and the creation of a wide variety of products meant to offer quality at any budget. The farm and it�s distribution centres all run along with compassion project guidelines, which means that anyone who possesses a medical card purchases their cannabis products at a sliding scale price plan, including specific fee amounts for low-income households. Like the rest of the farm, the cannabis arm offers a local co-op for those who have legal access and wish to learn how to grow and help in exchange for a certain percentage of that yield.

The Goods

ProduceSpiritsCannabisArtisan GoodsOther

The Clinic

The Clinic could be called by the cynical as a First Aid station with a few extra touches. This is not meant to be a real medical facility, more a stopgap to make sure that someone who is injured doesn’t die before they can be transported to a hospital. Small injuries are easily taken care of with the various splints, bandages, compresses, and minor medications; however, the place is best suited to merely stabilize a real trauma injury. On one wall there is a bright red landline phone that can easily be inferred so that Emergency personnel can be contacted without any issues.

It is broken down into four separate rooms. The largest being the primary facility itself, with several chairs and cabinets marked with contents lining the walls. The second being the office for the medical professional on staff, which has a computer, and a few file cabinets for paperwork. The third room is perpetually locked and is where any restricted or refrigerated medications are kept. The fourth room is one meant to segregate any real trauma patient from the general populace, so the staff have a place to work undisturbed from the general patients if need be.

Main House Residents




Investors/Business Partners



Supernatural Effect or Merits


+5 for the farmhouse


Medical Workshops: First Aid +2, Emergency Medicine +2, Veterinary +2, Blood Bank +2, Anti-venom Production, Staff 1 Medical


Agricultural Soil Science +3, Farming through the Ages +1, Horticulture+1, Ornithology +1, World History +2, +2 Education, +2 Science Education



Space +2

Animal Ken

Avian Training/Rehabilitation


Telecomunications +2


Combat Gear +2, Food and Drink +2


Song and Dance +2


Astrology +2


Astronomy +2, Astrophysics +2,

Wildlife Preserve (Adjacent to Farm)



Rare/Exotic Animals +2

Animal Ken

Rare/Exotic Animals +2


Exotic/Rare Wildlife +2,


Appeasing/Dealing with Nature Spirits +2, Harvest Rare Magical Reagents +2

MapCityDirectory: Miami, FloridaDistrictsSpheres
Mystery Cult The Magic City Cast List