Players: Emma Darling



Name: Emma Darling
Alias(es): Darling
Sire: Esperanza Diaz, also known as Crazy Hope
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Coterie: [Enter Here]
Public Effects:
  • Blood Potency 2
  • Sympathetic 2
  • Resources 2
  • Status: Clan (Daeva) 1, Childe of a Potent Elder Daeva
  • Status: Covenant (Circle of the Crone) 1
Mask/Dirge Follower/Masochist
Profession: Maid & Waitress
Age: 28 (43)
Player: MichelleC


Emma can best be described as overtly femme and a bit of a flirt. At work, she wears a classic diner waitress uniform or vintage hotel maid uniform. But off duty, she often wears 1950’s dresses, or vintage gingham blouses, little shorts, and high heels when she wants to make an impression. When painting or sculpting, she opts for comfort over fashion, usually a t-shirt and leggings or an oversized dress shirt and vintage jeans. Emma has recently taken to dyeing her hair. She goes from blonde one night to brunette others. And even red on occasion.


An Empty Canvas (Artists):

Emma is a painter in her spare time. She is fairly talented, and perhaps could have made a profession of it. But she seems content to not make any money off her artwork.

What can I get you with that? (Anyone):

Em works at a 24 hour diner, part time as a waitress. It’s a 1950’s themed diner called “The Shake, Rattle, & Roll.”

The Domestic Arts (Anyone, Vampires):

The Daeva was a maid prior to her Embrace and still does work cleaning homes or businesses. This can be for anyone, but she does tend to work more often for other Kindred who need cleaning staff, but don’t wish to use ghouls, or potential Masquerade Breaching mortals, for any domestic work. It’s something she takes pride in, despite it being a service oriented profession. She started her own housekeeping business, “The Domestic Artist,” and her business cards often find their way into circulation among Miami’s supernaturals.

LGBTQA+ (Anyone):

As a transwoman, Emma is active in the local community.

Ex Ghoul (Vampires):

Emma is a former ghoul of an eccentric and insane Daeva that had been active in Miami as long as anyone could remember. Crazy Hope spent long periods of time in Torpor with short spurts where she’d be active for a decade before slumbering again. Completely reclusive, she almost never left her creepy old mansion. Ghouls were used to hunt for her. Just before her most recent Torpor, she embraced her loyal Ghoul.

Hestian Acolyte (Circle of the Crone, Occultists):

The Serpent has recently joined the Circle of the Crone. She reveres Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth and domesticity.


“You’ll be back.” -Victoria Messini

“Literally one of the first Kindred I met, and definitely the first that didn’t seem to have her own agenda when she talked to me. That’s why I like her so much.” -Zach Sullivan

“Meeting another painter is lovely. Even if it is but a hobby for you, I want to see your work. And I will show you mine once it arrives.” -Atoli

“All the class and charm of a bygone age, a true gem of the night.” -Rosie

“She makes my Villa a more beautiful place, in more ways than one.” -Annelise Berthold

“Good help is so hard to find, unless you know how to find Emma.”- AnnaBianca Sangiovanni

“Fantastic and meticulous in her work. 5/5 would hire again!” -The Princess.

“Emma has offered to be the caregiver for my father’s home. Words cannot express how much that, and she, means to me. If I can ever help her, I will be there.” - Tommy

“So far… an incredibly useful tool.”- Calista Stavro

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