Players: Edgar Manson



Name: Edgar Manson
Alias(es): The Mad Prophet
Sire: Unknown
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Coterie: None
Public Effects: Status (City) 4, Status (Circle of the Crone) 4
Titles Haruspex of the Circle of the Crone, Board Member on behalf of the Circle of the Crone
Profession: Homeless
Age: 228 (59)
Player: NPC


With Blush

Edgar looks like a homeless man. Wearing shabby threadbare clothes, often decades behind the times. His clothes are often stained with blood, dirt, and gods only know what other kinds of filth. His long white hair is tangled and matted. His beard of the same color sprouts wildly in all directions.


Even fully sated Edgar does not come across as the most stable person, but when thirsting, madness burns in his eyes while the color drains from his skin.


Edgar Mason was not among those exiled from Miami in the purge of 72. He was recruited to the crusade to return to Miami in the 80s from Atlanta. It was Edgar Manson who was haunted by visions of a drowned elder. It was Manson who read the signs that lead them into the swamps to find the torpid remains. It is Manson who watches over those remains to this day.

Manson stands out in the Circle. He is not a warrior in the traditional sense. His weapon is his mind and connection with the gods. He is the prophet who reads the signs. He is the mentor who guides the spiritually thirsty. He is the one who blesses the heroes of the gods and curses their foes. He is the one who delves into things others would leave forgotten.


Prophet of the Gods(Kindred):

Edgar claims to speak for the gods. If so, the gods often ramble incoherently, speak in archaic language, and are prone to outbursts at random, often inconvenient times. If he wasn’t right so many times, you’d be sure he was crazy. Now you just wonder if madness is the price of his insight.

Hag Touched (Circle of the Crone):

Edgar is a member of the dreaded cult know as the Hag Touched. He claims to have seen the Crone. To have smelled her rotting breath and felt her icy grasp. When delivering an important prophecy, he comes wearing the mask of the Hag. Covered in blood, dirt, and far more vile things. In this disgusting form, he delivers the cruel wisdom of the Hag.

She Slumbers (Circle of the Crone):

Its well known the Circle dug up some sleeping Kindred in the swamps. They claim it is an elder. Some claim it is the Crone herself. No one seems to know for sure, but Edgar Manson is the keeper and protector of her torpid remains. And he says she shall awake soon.



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