Players: Earl King



Name: Earl King
Alias(es): None Yet
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Commander/Honor
Public Effects: Mantle (Summer): , Dusk Ranger of the Summer Court.
Profession: Hunter
Age: 19 or 20
Player: Worldwalker
Actor: Danny Masterson



Young southern Man with a sense of style at least a “few” decades old to be polite about it. His wild mane of curly hair and mutton chop sideburns straight out of the 70’s.


Neanderthalic and Looming, the savage visage of the wild hunter was molded upon to earl by his Keeper so he might better serve the Hunt. He was made to provoke primal fear in those he hunts and strikingly at odds with the personality he attempts to push to the forefront. In the Hedge he is rarely seen with out Urk-Sigul the Dire Wolf he rides.


The blessed heat of the first day of summer radiates from Earl, it is the release and relief . joy and pain. A moderate metallic Scent undercuts the warmth as the smell of the first kill of the Hunt’s blood is carried on the Summer air.

Hollowed Refugee

‘ ’The Grand Bastion’

Verdant Redoubt

Majestic and Primeval the bastion of The Verdant Redoubt rises at and above the edge of the swamplands of the hedge of Miami. Recently rediscovered in the hedge, the area and lands around it are wild and primeval, it is a massive hollow formed by an island held aloft by thick briar thorns above the mythic remnant and memory of the primeval ocean that once touched the lands. Both the large island and the waters below are full hedge beasts that bear striking resemblances to ancient extinct ironside creatures both predators and their prey.


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Shameful Past(Changeling):

Earl often worked with his Keeper, the Mountain King’s Huntsmen perusing escapees both of his Masters and the escapees of the Master’s “Friends”. He served the Huntsmen as Master of Hounds breaking and training the Beast “hounds” of his masters hunting pack. He sometimes accompanied the huntsmen to return Lost to the masters and perhaps could be recognized from his former Master’s retinue on one of his trips to present escapees back to their keepers.

Master of Hunt and Hound(Any):

A lot of his experience and power might have been left in the past flayed from his soul by the thorns upon his return but his skill with Bow and Hound is still exceptional and outside the city the primal call of nature and the hunter roars loudly in his ears drowning out the clamor of the fast life of Miami. If you need training in the wilderness or with a Bow he is your man. If your dog needs training few are better then he is.

Do you want to Hunt a Dragon?”(Changelings, Any):

Earl Seeks Companions to Hunt Deadly game , perhaps not literal dragons, but maybe?


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“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
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