Players: Demarcus Drake



Name: Demarcus King
Nickname: n/a
Horror: Edacious Thought and Eternal Memory
Legend/Life: Watchful/Parental
Family: Anakim
Hunger: Whispers
Kinship: TBD
Public Effects: Alien Mindset
Profession: Library Tech
Age: 25
Player: JameSaulot
Actor: Jordan Calloway


The Man

Demarcus stands around average height at 6’, although his posture and presence belies something powerful there. His hair is cropped short, and his features youthful. There are a few nicks and cuts over his body, and all but a one is superficial. Across his arms are a litany of tattoos, each of them depicting a fantastical beast. He packs on muscle, although never enough that he could be mistaken for a brute.

He carries himself with pride, and an upright posture. No slouching, no averted gaze, and never a hint of shyness. Forward. Direct. His style of dress errs towards comfort over fashion, although he does dress well enough when an occasion demands it.

The Monster

The ever-hungry dæmon that is Demarcus’ Horror is as unassuming at a glance as the man it represents. Gleaming yellow eyes and glowing white runes are the first thing easily noticed. He stands no more than 6’ tall, but his presence shifts and changes the world around him. The very weight of his existence warping through space and time around his very being.


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U Dropout (Everyone):

Demarcus was attending The U for a degree in elementary education from 2013 to 2015. When asked about his departure he always claimed stress and depression. He did seem much more relaxed, if odd, after leaving.

How Late Are You? (Everyone):

As a library technician Demarcus is usually the first face folks see in the library, although he isn’t an outright librarian. He works for the MDPLS, and works out of Downtown Miami.

Ever Watchful (Supernatural):

He watches. Things. People. Places. All are under his eye at one point or another.

Edacious Thought (Everyone):

Do you suffer from nightmares as your own thoughts turn against you, and every memory is a potential enemy?

Eternal Memory (Supernatural):

He is never lost and is always learning. Despite his age he is a student of all life has to offer in its darkest corners and brightest havens.

Morning Runs (Everyone):

Demarcus is always up before the crack of dawn, and usually seen taking a jog around the park or from home to one of his favorite shops.

His (Dark) Mother’s Son (Beast):

Demarcus does not hide his true nature among kith and kin. He will often seek out those that have newly gone through their rebirth through the Dark Mother, and question them on all manner of things.

Blood Drips, Blood Sings (Supernatural):

Like many Beasts, Demarcus is looking for family ties after a fairly recent fallout.

Hearth and Home (Everyone):

Demarcus’ apartment is far too expensive for him to live on his own, and his latest roommate left after a rather explosive altercation. He’s put out a few ads here and there along with word of mouth among friends.


“They’ve promised taht dreams can come true, but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too.” - Oscar Wilde.

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