Players: David Harlow



Name: David Harlow
Legend/Life: Relentless/Selfless
Family: Namtaru
Hunger: Punishment
Brood: The Black Harvest Council
Public Effects:
  • Lair 5
  • Mimir’s Wisdom
  • Unbreakable
  • Status 2 [City Hall]
  • Influential [Law Enforcement, IRS, City Hall]
  • Mystery Cult Initiation 3 Mithras Standard
Profession: Victims Advocate
Age: 28
Player: taurus0510
Actor: Walton Goggins


He looks older than he really is with a receding hairline, he pulls it off in the looks department, though combined with his piercing eyes and unique smile, he also comes off as a bit maniacal, he’s normally dressed in business suits, mostly because of his work on city hall than any fashion consideration.


You know, a man sins can catch up to him if he’s accumulated enough of them, some stories tell it like this, say an evil man somehow gets away scot-free, no way to make him pay for his crime, thing is, your crime can come back to haunt you, see, you accumulate all of your sin is yours and no matter what you do that’s got a stink on your soul, there is a point however when all this sin just got to be dealt with, either you make things right or…well, all that sin and bad stuff you do and you think you get away with? it turns out it piles up into this disgusting stinking mass of bugs, shit, trash, sickness and poison, the nastier the sin, the nastier the pile.

Then, maybe it’s God doing the deed or just karma balancing the scales, whatever it is, you sin comes to life and wants to catch up with you, at this point you are already beyond redemption or so they say, now it just about retribution, old testament wrath of God, and you got the plagues of Egypt sicced on your ass clamoring for your blood, at this point you are pretty much screwed, your sin eventually is going to catch up with you and you are going to pay your dues.


Lori HarlowSisterMy Sister, taken from me once, never again.Ringtone
Eris NegateBroodmateThe youngest among us, if she were my actual sister I would spoil her rotten….might try anyway.Ringtone
Elizabeth DamicoBroodmateCommentsRingtone
Lorelei McCowanRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
Jezebel JonesPriestessCommentsRingtone
Etta TylerFriendCommentsRingtone
Antha SalazarFriendCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone

Victims Advocate (Law & Politics):

David is one of the lawyers hired by the city to help and advise victims of crime of any kind, he’s more than willing to lend a hand and takes great pleasure on closing a case to the satisfaction of his clients.

Family Ties (Changeling Autum Court):

David Harlow is the brother of Lori Harlow a darkling autum courtier, they can be seen together from time to time and he’s done a couple of favors for the court when she has asked securing a bit of goodwill for his sister with his actions.

Social Solidarity Party (Everybody):

David is the head of a small group dedicated to helping out the victims of crimes, they provide support, information and legal accompaniment to see justice…and when lawful action proves insufficient they can also lend a hand, provided discretion is assured.


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