Players: Copperhead Outlaws

Biscayne Landing

Pack Name Copperhead Outlaws
Territory: Biscayne Landing (North Miami)
Totem: CopperSpark
Merits: Den 2

Territorial Advantage 2
Dedicated Locus 2

Themes: Don’t Tread On Us

Fire and Fury
Strength of Spirit
Nightmares and Monsters

Pack Members

Josie Dripping Claw Althea
Our Guardian Our Assassin New Blood
Your Nightmare

Known Details


Through fire and fury, the Outlaws are beholden only to the Oath of the Moon. As Blood Talons they are ever ready to call the hunt against their wayward cousins or those that threaten the delicate balance in Miami. Though the Outlaws specialize in hunting their own, they’re always ready to lend their claws and fiery rage to any conflict that rises and threatens Miami.


The Copperhead Outlaws are a pack that formed seemingly out of thin air by a trio of Blood Talons over a mutual meeting at Angel’s tattoo shop and an exciting hunt. Led by Josie, a rather reserved, yet fierce Rahu, the Outlaws maintain a level of discipline usually unseen in Blood Talons, a feat constantly challenged by Angel’s raw nature.


The Outlaws claim a swath of territory to the north of Miami in Biscayne Landing which includes the FIU campus and a large nature preserve. Angel Payne’s tattoo shop Primal Tattoos sits at the southern border and acts as one of the only announcement and meeting places for The Others due to it’s ease of entry and exit. The territory also boasts a pair of high rise apartments and a man-made lake for enjoyment that the pack utilizes for it’s own recreation and larger parties.

Notable Events

  • April 2020: Brought an end to Eastern-Wings-of-Darkness’ hunt for the snake spirit CopperSpark by defeating it’s copies of itself earning the trust and patronage of CopperSpark as our totem.
  • February 2021: Members of the pack helped to defeat and destroy the Incarna known as the Midnight Man to help bring balance back to the city.
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RP Hooks

RP Hook 1: Pain and Pleasure (All):

Primal Tattoo Salon is a tattoo shop owned and operated by Angel Payne of the Copperhead Outlaws and is located at the southern most tip of the Outlaws territory. It acts as both a business and a stopping point for visiting wolves and other supernatural creatures. The tattoo salon is one of the few if not the only safe, neutral area in their territory. So come on in.

RP Hook 2:

RP Hook 3:


“Complaint Department.” Someone

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