Players: Clara Tully



Name: Clara Tully
Public Effects: [Enter Here]
Profession: Real Estate Executive
Age: 46
Player: NPC


The cool, calm professionalism Clara brings to her dealings is a well-practiced routine. So is her wardrobe, selected for specifically playing the part of a business executive.


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Vice President of Human Resources (The Tully Family):

Clara is, on paper, the head of FHC, LLC.’s human resources department. This job comes with extra responsibilities, though: she coordinates the Tully family’s activities within Miami. Do you work with her, or against her?

Work Hard, Play Hard (Anybody):

When she’s not in the office, Clara can usually be found at the gym or at the clubs. Whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it with a fierce intensity. People who know her wonder how she has the energy to do everything and when she sleeps.

Who’s the Father? (The Rumormill):

Clara has three kids, but hasn’t ever been in a relationship for longer than a few weeks. Stranger still, she never seemed to be pregnant, either. Nobody has been brave enough to bring up the topic with her, but the rumormill has created plenty of speculation of what the truth might be.


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