Players: Brielle Schmitt



Name: Brielle Schmitt
Nickname: Brie
Virtue/Vice: Inquisitive/Perfectionist
Public Effects: Languages (French, and English), Supernatural Resistance, Psychic Vampirism, Breath Stealer, Examine Ephemera, Emphera Battery, Psychic Transference, Burst of Speed, Nocturnal Supremacy, Danger Sense, Euphoric Touch, Breath Stealer (Mass), Shapechanging (Owl)
Profession: Seamstress and Owner of La Maupin

Owner of the Twilight Owl {Safe Space 2 }

Age: 27
Player: Hecate
Actor: Angela Clayton


Brielle is a petite woman of 5’2, with medium brown hair that is often pulled up and hazel eyes. Her makeup is minimal, often preferring a simplistic, and sometimes retro look. Fashion for her can be described as a mix between modern and historical. She tends to prefer long skirts that fall below the knee, tops that cover most parts of her form, and embellishments that might bring the image of an earlier time.

When night falls, her once hazel eyes, take on a slightly brighter hue, with a bit more brilliance to them. Occasionally she takes the form of a barn owl.


GinetteFriendI am grateful for your insight into vintage fashions, and am always happy to oblige your interestsRingtone
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QuentinRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
AdamGood FriendCommentsRingtone
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History! But make it Fashion!(Everyone):

Brielle is a seamstress who opened La Maupin in January of 2020. While she tends to cater to the more historical costume design, she readily takes commissions for modern apparel as well. If you have a need for clothing, she is certainly willing to appease.

I Know You(Vampires):

Brielle is in the know of the vampire existence. She has made friends during her time in grad school, and connected with another individual on arriving in Miami. As for the others… she’s still learning.

Two Moms, and a Daughter(All):

As a child of two mothers, she is an advocate for equal rights, and the LGBTQ+ community. She even extends that into any supernaturals she might come across.


“I don’t know how to explain Brielle. You know when you put a jacket on and it fits you perfectly? Or you find a song that you immediately somehow know the words to and it’s in your head for months and you’re still not sick of it? That’s her. She’s that fucking cool. She’s that good. Instant favorite.” -Nico Davis

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