Players: Boom-Boom Crash

  • Name: Boom-Boom Crash
  • Alias: Sascha Idalia
  • Profession: Anarchist
  • True Age: 65
  • Apparent Age: 35
  • Needle/Thread: Daredevil/Anger
  • Seeming: Wizened
  • Kith: Maker
  • Motley: Mad Guard
  • MCI: The Horde of Sovereigns
  • Public Effects: Acute Senses, Area of Expertise (Science:Engineering, Explosives), Brownie’s Boon, Demolisher, Double-Jointed, Dull Beacon 3, Good Time Management, Hob Kin, Interdisciplinary Spec (Science:Engineering), Lethal Mein (Fangs), Mantle (Summer) 3, Patient, Professional Training (Explosives Expert), Trained Observer 3
  • Player: Trish
  • Faceclaim: Hilarie Burton-Morgan

Boom-Boom is a little taller than average height, with wide large yellow eyes that are slitted like a snake or cat’s eyes might be. They blink independently of each other, as if somewhere along the line Boom-Boom got smacked hard and her eyes never worked right again. Her pointed ears are pierced in several places, as is her septum. She has long dark hair that’s often braided, usually with golden rings in it. Her green lips curve into wide bright smiles whenever she’s at work or throwing the things she made, especially when they make a loud ‘Boom!Boom!’ and especially when they ‘Crash!’. She has two prominent tusks and some sharper fangs, ready to rip and tear at anything that touches her without her express permission. Her goblin features have blossomed into a short orc, and a slightly taller than average sized woman. Almost always she’s seen in cloaks and robes, all with thousands of hidden pockets that she fills with things she finds when she’s out and about.

Height:5’6”Weight:120lbsComplexion:GreenHair Color:Green
Eye Color:YellowApparent Age:30ishAge:65Accent:Southern
Build Type:LeanScars:Burns, cutsTattoos:NonePiercings:Ears, septum

Sascha is the lesser seen mask side of Boom-Boom. She rarely remembers what her masks’ name actually is and even more rarely remembers to answer to it, which is why you might find Killian saying ‘Sascha’ several times before just giving in and calling her Boom-Boom. It’s harder to pin-point Sascha in her mask, her dark hair sometimes curled in tight little kinks, sometimes it’s loose curls or waves, and other times it’s just flowing free as it will. What’s ever present are the mischievous green eyes that follow all the movements around her and the ever present smirk, neverminded that you can always spot the girl for her hoodies with many added pockets and her oversize bag where she puts all the little things she collects.

Boom-Boom’s mantle is the strong steady beat of a slightly raised heartbeat, combined by the hot scent of iron being pressed on a anvil. Steam curls up around her, as if she is almost always hotter than Miami.

Boom-Boom is a mercurial woman. She lacks any sense of eloquence, but one can almost see where once upon a time she must have had the words to describe the things she could see or do. It’s almost heartbreaking, but then one sees the talent she’s been gifted with and still retains. Quick-witted and crafty, Boom-Boom never lacks for solutions to problems that she faces. Sure, she tends to think everything is a bomb-worthy problem, but that’s what happens when you spend years creating explosives for fun and war. Everything becomes a nail. She’s smart but out of place in time, not fully understanding the world she was brought back into. She’s quiet save when angered or excited and then she’s as loud as can be, yelling at things to work or banging onto them, or reaching excitedly for your sleeve to show you what next is on it’s way. She can almost always be found out and about picking up various trinkets, nuts, bolts, and other sorts of ‘trash’ that she swears will be just what she needs. It’s hard to say if any of it actually is.

  • Mad Bomber(Changelings): Boom-Boom is known in many Changeling circles - especially amongst the summer courtiers, as a bounty hunter with a flare for the explosive. While just about anyone else might term themselves an ‘Explosives Expert’, Boom-Boom thinks that’s boring as shit. She’s a Mad Bomber, like it or not.
  • Crafter (Any): Boom-Boom is a talented crafter. Sure most of that crafting involves traps and bombs, but no-one’s perfect. While she doesn’t widely advertise it, Boom-Boom is also skilled at repair, blacksmithing and goblin-fruit farming.
  • Anger Management(Angry Folk): Boom-Boom is required to take therapy, much against her will. She happens to like her anger and thinks it’s dumb for humies to take it from her. Why is she in anger management you ask? Um…have you met her?
  • Curios and Trinkets (Collectors): Boom-Boom is always out picking up things, in the mortal world and the hedge, and thus has quite the collection of nuts, bolts, and other things that people drop or forget about that she finds worthy above all else. Perhaps you have need of something that was forgotten, like one of a sock pair or a singular glove? How about a nut or bolt for your next project, or just some strange thing that only a junk shop might have. Boom-Boom is bound to have it.

Dumb Dumb Mister
The best thing that has ever happened to Boom-Boom. Bought Boom-Boom. Talks about freedom. Gave Boom-Boom little box that has little voices and pictures on it. Let’s Boom-Boom collect things. Boom-Boom likes.

Bummer Guard
Mr. Manners. Flies. Boom-Boom likes that. Makes things go ‘ouch’. Boom-Boom likes that too. Doesn’t like contractions. Boom-Boom thinks that’s dumb. Still looking for stick to free Bummer-Guard.

Pretty Boy
Freakin’ gorgeous. Totally outta Boom-Boom’s league, but he’s fun to talk t’ and pretty t’look at.

She changes shapes! It’s so cool!

Pretty Lady
Pretty Lady is Boomie’s bestest friends. We trade buttons and matches!

She matters to Killian, but Boomie hardly knows her.

  • “One has to look out for engineers - they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb.” - Marcel Pagnol
  • “This little one is the most complex and beautiful thing in my life. She’s Mad when I need Madness but she’s also the smartest and cleverest woman in the world, she’s the perfect Right Hand for me. If she wasn’t by my side… I would’ve burned out a long time ago” -The Mad King
  • “Quite the little firecracker, both figuratively and literally. Let’s see where that wild mind of yours takes us, yeah?” - Jeremiah Hamilton
  • “Boom-Boom is clever, this much is true. But it is her insight into that which is unexpected that is one of her greatest treasures. I would not be who I am without her. She will keep the fire lit, even if I am sometimes singed.” -Roland
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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