Players: Basil Sargon



Name: Alfredo ‘Basil’ Sargon
Nickname: Al, Bas, Hopper
Virtue/Vice: Adventurous/???
Public Effects: Automotive Genius, Barfly, Fame (Junkyard Rabbit), Staff, Taste, Untouchable
Mystery Cult: Niqibat Al-Tijara
Profession: Mechanic
Age: Mid twenties
Player: Clumsy Chameleon
Actor: A. Jogia


Well manicured scruff and calm, friendly eyes. He has a faint smirk at almost all times, easy going and quick with a joke. His shoulder length hair is often pulled into a loose bun, and his clothes tend to fit in with whatever crowd he’s found his lot with for the night. His voice is a smooth baritone, and he smells of earthy woods and spicy essences. Ambling with a stray dog’s strut, he’s charming enough and never seems to be in much of a hurry.

Basil’s personality is best described as…mercurial. He seems easy going, or relaxed one moment, but can make simmering jokes the next that test the waters. Even when he seems friendly, talking to the drifter can be a bit like a verbal spar; he leaves no stone unturned and always seems to correct or jibe, even if it’s almost always good-natured. Still, he’s quick to take any kind of charity or handout anyone will offer, and is gracious about that in particular; he won’t ever bite the hand that feeds him.


BlueSmooth OperatorNot a lot she can’t find. If I need something fenced, she’s got it. If I gotta find something, she’s got it.Ringtone
BrodySturdyDoes excellent work. Puts up with Rune. Pretty much a great guy; I enjoy doing business with’em.Ringtone
HannahFun, TroubleSomething I could honestly get used to, but probably shouldn’t. She might be too adventurous for her own good…no wonder we get along.Ringtone
KozUnderhandCouldn’t get this guy off my ass back in the day. We get along a lot better these days. Retirement was good for him.Ringtone
PrismWandererProbably one of the best second story men in the city. Shame she doesn’t come around as often.Ringtone
RedPartner in CrimeWas great to have on a job, but we became good partners after. I can count on him in the cut, even if he can get…heated.Ringtone
RuneClever GirlBit of a smart ass, but who isn’t? I could waste a night bantering with her.Ringtone
TessaFamiliar FaceCan’t seem to stop running into her. She reminds me of someone, but I don’t know who…Ringtone


Junkyard Rabbit (Drivers/Mechanics):

Around the Miami drag racing scene there’s an eccentric helmeted driver of a 1986 Toyota Corolla SE. The car often shows up to races with different paint jobs, deeply tinted windows, and no plates, but whoever the driver is he has a knack for timing clever stunts, clearing tight spaces, and flashy maneuvers. He’s earned the nickname the Junkyard Rabbit for staying competitive driving an innocuous, old school sedan and his stylish driving.

Freelancer (Criminals, Law Enforcement):

When he’s not competing in street races, Basil finds work as a wheelman for heists around the area. Other times he’ll perform deliveries or dead drops. Running a chop shop out of a moving garage in Ironside, he works as a getaway driver and mechanic often, with a crew of technicians that run the day to day. By night, they run more illicit jobs out of abandoned warehouses in the territory, with the address changing on a rotating basis. They’re rumored to be allied with various other crews and operators in the city through their connections with the Niqibat Al-Tijara.

Dilettante Tinkerer (Artists/Chefs/Dancers/Musicians):

In the Ironside district, Downtown, and elsewhere besides, Al’s a patron of the arts and often outspoken in his appreciation or support of often weird or outlandish pieces or performers. From theater to DJs to sculptors to cooking to dance, he can come to appreciate it all. He’s often out on the town dancing and enjoying the nightlife when not attending concerts or dance performances instead. Maybe you’ve come across him at a particular art show or auction in the past?


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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