Players: Bang Leekpai



Name: Bang Leekpai
Alias(es): Piyabutr, Leek Pie
Blood/Bone Challenger/Community Organizer
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: Lodge of Crows
Spirit Rank: 2
  • Cunning:
  • Glory: �
  • Honor: � � � �
  • Purity: �
  • Wisdom:
Pack: Riptide
Mate: -
Public Effects: Embodiment of the Firstborn: Skolis-Ur
Profession: Business Consultant
MCI: Providence of Muses
Age: 20
Player: YoGrendel
Actor: Tony Labrusca

The Man

Young and often smiling, it’s hard to find Bang in an attitude one would consider unpleasant. A deceptively toned form is usually covered in freshly pressed clothing. Even his casual styles bear the air of having been carefully selected and manipulated to show just the right amount of ‘relaxed’ while portraying a put-together appearance. The attention to detail doesn’t end with his clothes: every hair seems kept impeccably in place, skin without blemish, facial always neatly trimmed or clean shaven, but never in between.

The Wolf

A young red Himalayan wolf on the large side. It’s not bulk, but bearing. Even in Urshul there’s something that sparks the natural presence of a wolf that’s sure of itself, speaking of descent from a god. [Embodiment of the Firstborn: Skolis-Ur]


Prisana VeePackYou don’t get to pick your family, and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s for the best.Ringtone
BoomPackFriend, confidant, almost family.Ringtone
JuanDatingNot something I ever expected.Ringtone
JerricaFriendIn our memories, in our hearts.Ringtone
Jade HowlettPackAn open heart, a warm smile, and a story to tell. I liked her immediately.Ringtone
HazePackI think we have an understanding. Haze sees a part of me that I don’t let out often. We agree. I wish, for both us, we didn’t.Ringtone


School Days (Students, Faculty, Anyone):

Bang recently graduated from the University of Miami (go Hurricanes!) with a degree in Business and a specialty in International Shipping and Trade. He attended a lot of online classes, but there were always the few that required his presence at the campus and he was able to meet more than few people there.

Advisor (Business):

Instead of taking on a position at a singular company, Bang has begun to offer his services out various business in Miami. He excels at finding problems in the system and making it run efficiently once more. How did such a young man manage to build a repertoire so quickly? Rumor has it his family is a big deal with the shipping industry in Bangkok, and some of those ties have carried over to Miami.

Connected (Business, Anyone):

Bang seems to have his hands in a lot of pies and knows a lot more people than it seems possible. He’s got the easy kind of personality to ingratiate himself among those around him, sure, but the web he can tap might seem almost… supernatural.

Community Service (Chinatown, Anyone):

It seems like community is important to the Elodoth and he’s begun to volunteer with various organizations in Miami’s small Chinatown.

Riptide, roll out! (Werewolf, Supernatural):

Recently Bang has taken on a position of leadership among a new pack in the city, Riptide. They seem nice enough but their totem is a little… spooky.


“Miami’s an interesting place. I never dreamed that I’d ever speak to someone from as far away as Thailand. Just goes to show we’re not so different, because it’s taken no time at all for me to really like him.” - Boom
“As the grass grows,as the sun shines,as the leaves fall,as the rain comes all these things are inevitable,constant,reliable. What we have is not…it defied all probabilities,it taunts logic,this frail,fleeting thing we call happyness. Let�s seize this moment…all moments,together.” - Juan

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