Players: Atoli McQueen



Name: Atoli McQueen
Nickname: None Yet
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Artist
Court: None Yet
Needle: Bon Vivant
Thread: Joy
Mystery Cult: Providence of Muses
Wolfblooded Tell:


Public Effects:
  • Fame 3 (Painting)
  • Status 1 (Arts and Society)
  • Taste
  • Professional Training (Artist) 5
Profession: Artist and owner of Atolier
Age: 21 (26)
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 111 lbs
Player: TeacupKitten
Actor: Unknown

Topics to Avoid in RP

Due to the PTSD I suffer from, talking about the bible or Christianity is politely requested to not ever be brought up as I will have to log off immediately to handle an episode. Also please do not link me country music as it is also a trigger for me. Thank you for being understanding.

The Mask

This young woman has a light, creamy-mocha complexion with thick, full lips that look soft and smooth. A slightly wide nose, her head is framed by thick spirals of curls of medium brown with sun-bleached highlights that hang so heavy they frame her head by several inches on each side, while also descending to her upper chest and mid-back. She has silver eyes with a feral glint framed by a gray so dark it could be mistaken for black. Said eyes are framed by long, thick black lashes and with a pair of medium brown fine arches for brows. She is of slender frame with a lightly toned yet feminine build. Often her left shoulder has a large bite mark that will sometimes bleed through her clothes depending on what she is wearing.

The Mein

Appearing to be a young woman, she possesses light mocha skin, smoky-gray eyes, and deep scarlet hair. Her hair is a tangled cascade of curls that rises up from her hair before hanging naturally down to dust her shoulders. Her almond-shaped eyes are enhanced by smoky kohl adorning the eyelashes and also forming sharp, narrow lines from the outer corners of the eyes to the temples. Her fine-featured face is also enhanced by red ochre ranging from her upper eyelids down to her cheekbones vertically and ranging from the front edge of her ears forward, even covering nearly all of her slender nose. Freckles also enhance the ochre as well. Slender tapered ears are left visible from the front, as her hair is kept more behind them, as her moderately plump lips are accented with burgundy stained lips. Her body is slender and lean with a modest bust.


Still Blooded(Werewolf/Wolf-Blooded):

She was bitten before she was taken and still has that tell that she was once, even if briefly, part of the blooded.

Hedge Fresh(Changelings):

She quite literally just escaped the Hedge to get back to her beloved masterpiece. Now to handle the issue of the fetch taking the claim for all of her hard work.


She loves to paint in the styles of surrealism and fantasy realism in her art pieces. She also dabbles in sculpting from time to time but is isn’t her preferred medium. With rumors that she might be opening up a gallery of her newly arrived work soon, she is garnering a bit of local fame and an image within the artistic society of Miami.

Not so Mute(All):

Something very traumatic happened when she was little and just stopped speaking, it seems that she is over that now. She still knows sign language and still sometimes rather just be a quiet observer.

Out of Towner(All):

She is originally from Boston and freshly in Miami. Are you also from Boston? Do you know her already?

Seeking Someone(All):

She seems to be on the hunt for her birth father. Perhaps you can help her track him down?

Party Girl(All):

Who doesn’t love going to parties and getting wasted so one can chase inspiration?


“Often have I heard people speak of kindred spirits, but it was not until I met you that I understood the concept’s true meaning. The passion that flows through your soul is a gift to this world; let it speak clearly and loudly.Anastasia

“You see my little brazen mute, fire, whilst beautiful is not something one should play with mindlessly. Unfortunately, you seem to have an obsession with playing with it. I love it. You Know Who

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