Players: Ashley Adams


Name: Ashley Adams
Alias(es): Ash
Sire: Lucas (Vanished)
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: The Circle of the Crone
Coterie: None yet
Public Effects: SL+2 Enthralling, Enticing, Fame (Fashion blogger) Status Crone/Fashion
Mask/Dirge Deviant/Socialite
Height 5’9”
Hair/Eye Blonde/Blue
Profession: Fashion Blogger/YouTube Star
Apparent Age: 22
Player: Tamsin
Actor: Natalee


With Blush

The woman is a former model bomb shell with perfect skin, hair and tone. standing at 5’9” with a long slender frame 36B/24/34, her stance demands attention Her hair is long and blonde with striking blue eyes. Her make up is impeccable.


She being younger her bloodless state isn’t bad, her skin tinkles and skin turns a pale blue, her eyes are lifeless.


Kiss of the succubi: Being fed from by Ash causes addiction. Swooning as per page 95 under feeding VtR is caused by any kindred non-violently feeding.

Honey trap: Drinking from Ash create a bond level If either of these aspects make you uncomfortable in IC play, please advise in PM or OOC.



Ash plays as hard as she works, she can often be found at the beach, club or hot local party. (Everyone):

She is a local Acolyte who has recently returned home to Miami (Kindred):

She has a rather familiar face, have it be where you shop, magazine covers, or perhaps you follow along on her fashion/makeup vlogs on YouTube. She has over 3 million views per episode, perhaps you’re one of them? (Everyone):


“One thing you’ll never be around Ashley is bored. She’s hella fun and always brightens any room she walks into.” -Lorelei McCowan.

The End

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