Players: Ascian Beng


Name: Ascian Beng (Pronounced AZH-kern)
Alias(es): Heavy Metal, Action Bang, Clark Kent, Talos
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Playmate
Court: Summer 4
Motley: The Professionals
Needle/Thread: Guardian / Understanding
Public Effects: Giant, Striking Looks (Adonic) 2, Crimson Lance of Summer, Strength Performance 4, Cloak of Leaves 3
Profession: Owner of Empyrean Farms, Primary Factor of Mithras Standard MCI
Age: Early 30s
Player: Prof Improbable
Actor: Doctor Christian Jessen

Height: 7,0” / 213cmWeight: 200 lbs / 90kgBuild Type: Muscular
Eye Color: BlueHair Color: DirtyblondComplexion: Tanned
Birthday: 06/16/1940Tattoos/Piercings: -Accent: light middle american

A broad-shouldered, sandy-haired man with a regular and broad smile and extremely physically fit. Dressed comfortably for work more often than style, with an old fashioned aesthetic of suspenders and chambray work shirts, jeans and simple, wide-brimmed sunhats. Dressed up, he favours three-piece suits and old-style hats, preferring darker tones of blue, green, red and earth-tone brown. His eyes are always bright and smiling, and he carries a constant air of calm and relaxation about him. Somehow the big man has grown even more muscular and sculpted, evident in whatever he wears, even if it is bespoke.

Standing at exactly seven feet in height, Ascian is a literal golden-skinned adonis. Created to be physically ‘perfect’, and sculpted from magic wrought flesh into something other, his form and musculature fit to the Vitruvian ideal. His skin is a deep, almost golden bronze in colour, offset by sandy blond hair and bright, dancing green eyes. Ascian moves with incredible grace and poise, raw physical potential evident in every movement, or even standing at ease. As in his mask, the giant is now even more muscular and sculpted. However, his face is forever fixed in a curious, wondering gaze, taking everything in the same way that a child might. Indeed, for all his potential capacity, he looks upon the world with largely innocent eyes, though with time understanding and knowledge have entered his gaze. Still, delight is evident and obvious in his everyday expressions. Where once his body was composed entirely of bronze, it has taken on a new, golden luster of late, his metal form now made of Orichalcum. The title of Crimson Lance rests about his brow like a circlet of fire.

Artwork done by:

Ascian’s mantle hints at the expectant energy right before a summer squall, periodic whiffs of rain and ozone, the sense of a calm that belies the next few moments. The weight of summer rides along his shoulders like the still heat of a highway in the desert, or the heavy air before the lightning strikes. A ribbon of light winds it’s way around his upper arms and shoulders, adding to his serene expression. When in the grip of summer, they spread out like wings across his back. In recent days it has changed, bringing with it the crisp smell of Autumn with it, the warmth and safety of a fireside hearth on a cold, fall night, and the sense of richness and bounty that come with harvest time.

Fields and Furrows (Everyone, Agriculturists):

Ascian is openly a farmer, maybe you want to talk about soil or plants. Maybe you want to discuss details of some farmer’s markets. Maybe you want to talk about the legalization of certain plants. Also, want to get out of town for a bit, or work off some issues with a bit of hard labour? A farm is a good way to do all of this.

Old Souled (Everyone, Changeling):

Ascian has an enjoyment of what might be considered older things. Early to mid-twentieth-century clothing, art, music, and dancing is something that he is enthusiastic about. To the changelings, this fascination is a show of the temporal weirdness of Faerie, not really dating the man but hinting to his life before.

Bank your fire (Changeling):

For being a Summer, Ascian has a preference for keeping things as neutral as he can between people. Maybe it’s a sense of not wanting to cause problems when not necessary, maybe it’s a sense of keeping his energy for when things really go wrong.


Ana Motley Mate/Musical MentorCommentsRingtone
Izzy Motley Mate/Fellow FarmerCommentsRingtone
Juan Leagle aide/Motley MateCommentsRingtone
Marci Motley Mate/Scientific AdvisorCommentsRingtone
Solomon Reed Motley Mate/ArmorerCommentsRingtone


CharliePack MembercommentsRingtone
KnoxPackmate, Friend, Confidante, Trusted HealercommentsRingtone
Dr. Tommy ArcillaPackmate, Bosom Friend, Loyal Companion, Standard Membercommentsringtone
ViviPackmate, Diplomat, Warrior, Wise FriendCommentsringtone

Mithras’ Standard Members

Andrew FoxStandard MemberComments Ringtone
David HarlowStandard MemberAsha’s Command Beast
Elizabeth D’amicoStandard MemberComments Ringtone
Irene Partner, Friend, Standard MemberCommentsnewwin%Ringtone
Josephine GarciaStandard MemberComments Ringtone

Other Kith and Kin

Agam Trusted Friend/Sage AdvisorCommentsRingtone
Aurora Trusted FriendCommentsRingtone
ElizabethFinaincal AdvisorCommentsRingtone
Gerard Loyal CompanionCommentsRingtone
Lorelei Trusted Friend/Fellow BotanistCommentsRingtone
Maricela Lioness and Master of GeeseCommentsRingtone
Markus Trusted friend/HealerCommentsRingtone
Michael Trusted friend/Occult advisorCommentsRingtone
Nevaeh Fast friend, Business Partner and Fellow MusicianCommentsRingtone
Pax Trusted Advisor/FriendCommentsRingtone
Sidonie Trusted Friend/-CommentsRingtone

“Too huge *not* to challenge on sight. Never been hit so hard with a fist before. He caved in my ribcage before we even exchanged names. 10/10. Cool guy.” - Morgan Graves

“The Giant has become a good friend, he smells of sunshine and summer rain. Very enjoyable.” —Dex

“Action Bang!” -Izzy

“I do not say this lightly, but i would happily lay down my life for this guy, no questions asked and know without a doubt that I had done a good thing.” -Terry Heide

“He’s like a pillar of shiny!.” -Charlotte

“I’ve heard of gentle giants but he’s the first I’ve ever met. He seems to love plants as much as I do and I can tell we’re going to be best buddies!” —Lorelei McCowan

“Summer could use a few more like him.” -Teagan

“A heart big enough for the rest of him. What a gentle soul. Against my nature, I implicitly trust him.” Tempest Pax

“He takes chances being. Good to people. Reliable.” —Riley Halewater?

“Oh, he’s just the nicest guy. No, seriously. He’s THE nicest guy.” —Lyra Wolf

“Mon petit is the kind of man they don’t make anymore. Better still, he can dance a respectable Charleston and never lets a woman’s cigarette go unlit .” —Sidonie

“My dad used to raise dogs. These big ole creatures, sweet as anything. I could - and did - take the food right out of their mouths when I was a baby and they never so much as curled a lip. Nevermind my eating dog food as a kid, not the point. Once, though, this guy came into our yard and started talking loud and moved to grab me? Those dogs lay into him like something out of a horror movie - all rage and barking and teeth. Needed stitches to put him back together and ain’t nobody never found his thumb. Then, they went back to letting me play and restless with them like it was nothing. That whole thing makes me think of Ascian.” - Kay-Rae

“I really adore spending time at your farm. I feel at peace there right now with everything in such lush bloomings. And I look forward to more art projects on the property my dear friend.” - Jill of Art Trades

“You are the embodiment of rural hospitality, a man with a heart bigger and warmer and gentler than any other I have met. There is a humility in you, a pride and joy at the labour of your hands that never come across as boastful or pretentious. It is with both much pride and joy that I consider you one of my dearest friends.” Anastasia Vorobyova

“If I didnt knew any better,i�d say the visage of a metal giant is a fae ruse,and you�re actually a giant Labradoodle. You�re the brother i should of had growing up,maybe things would of turned out different.” Juan Perez

“Ascian is jut the best person I can imagine. He’s warm, friendly, lacks any need to be better than others, and is always building others up. I can’t imagine I found someone like that, but I am so glad to call him friend.” —Nev

“I love him. I mean, I love a lot of people, but I like really love him. He’s got a huge heart and a great hug and he can be made of elements and I watched him punch a werewolf to death once with his bare hands. I still have the corpse!… do you want to see it?” - Markus

Ascian is a giant teddy bear, for the most part. I am pretty sure that he embodies the concept of There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man. A person with his level of Notice from the Season of Wrath is not one to take lightly. ~ Marci Carnisera

People will look at him and see that he is soft. They will see his kindness as weakness. His compassion as a wound they can strike at. This is foolish. Inside his heart burns the fires of every dragon.Come for him or for us and you will see what hell looks like when it wears the mask of a tender man. ~ Marmar

Words cannot express what this man means to me. He’s embraced me as a brother, a sister, a friend, and a packmate. Friendship, Shelter, Knowledge, Protection? He offers them all… not just me, but for anyone who needs it. His people look to him with honor and respect, and so do The People. ~ Tommy

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