Players: Apocalypse


Motley Name: Apocalypse
Territory: Central: Brickell
Oath: TBD
Merits: TBD
Theme: Steeds of the Apocalypse


ImageNameMotley RoleSeemingKith
DeathSummer MonarchFairestSnowskin
PestilenceWroth GeneralElementalNightsinger
FamineHunter of HuntsmenBeastGristlegrinder
WarIron AdjutantBeastHunterheart
Jack FrostCrimson ChampionELementalSnowskin

Brief History

For all but Jack Frost, before they became a motley, these former playthings of The Toymaker were among the main engineers of The Herd’s escape into the Hedge and formation of the community known as The Herd on the Ironside. The vulnerability of the Herd in their first couple years led to a series of events that saw these four kidnapped by Huntsmen schemes and dragged back into the Hedge where a Summer motley fought and died to free them from their captors. After Jack alone stood to escort them back to the Silver Lining, the four decided they would turn their Keeper’s machinations against it. They would raze the domain that they “played” in for its pleasure. The Workshop would be scorched and salted so no gentry that came after could lay claim to it after. It would be their motley’s sworn duty to bring the Apocalypse to Geppetto’s borders!

When Jack recovered from the ordeal, he found his life turned upside down. With his most recent orders from his General taking the form of a pledge he saw through to the bloody end, Summer itself marked him as one of the most respected in Miami. A recognition that was further rewarded by being recognized as the Crimson Court’s new Champion! Not only that, the four, whom Jack had not so affectionately nicknamed the “Apocalypse Ponies” at this point, had apparently sworn themselves upon the Iron Spear and adopted him into their motley??? For an elemental who tried to balance eschewing responsibilities with taking his duties seriously, found himself with being the figurehead of the court and now responsible for whipping four new recruits into shape!

In the years since then, Jack took his role seriously and ruthlessly trained them to become the monsters they are today. Man, woman, young, old, frail or built for punishment, he hit them all just as hard and put their wrath to the test. The results showed themselves in 2003 when the four steeds of the apocalypse gathered the strength and courage to challenge the ruling motley on the Summer Solstice. Jack abstained from participating, giving the motley a chance to show what they had achieved without relying on the Champion’s power for aid. It was a spectacular event that sent ripples of through the local Hedge as a sign of just how powerful their wrath made them. The victory of the Apocalypse placed the responsibility of the Freehold’s defense in their hands which they have held ever since.


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that is lost.

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