Players: Aoife Donovan



Name: Aoife Donovan
Nickname: None
Virtue/Vice: Dreamer/Curious
Public Effects:
  • Medium/Ephemeral Sight
  • Deaf - Wears Hearing Aids
  • Languages: ASL
  • Producer
  • Professional Training: Artist
  • Striking Looks 2: Vulnerable
Profession: Starving Artist
Age: 21
Player: moonkitten
Actor: Corina - cori_doll_ on Instagram


Small, and petite, Aoife stands at around 5’2”, and has an ethereal vulnerability to her. Her big hazel eyes, and white platinum blonde hair, helping to add to that look about her. Her posture is not the greatest, often slumped or slouched a bit. Almost like she is trying to make herself smaller then she already is, wanting to be unnoticed or overlooked.

She typically wears clothing in darker shades; blue, purple, grey, black. And her clothing looks second hand, sometimes a tear or rip in them, and often a little dirty with paint splatter, or charcoal, chalk, and the like. Her clothes almost always cover her arms and legs fully, all the way down to wrists, and ankles. Nothing very revealing. Aoife’s hair is usually left loose, or braided.

And she is always carrying a rather large hobo style bag, that is filled with various items. And a bunny.


A shadowy owl.


Starving Artist (Anyone):

While not famous by any measure, Aoife is a talented artist, looking to be discovered. She is good at all sorts of artistic and crafty mediums, but her true talent lies in painting, and drawing, as well as mixed media.

ASL (Anyone):

One can easily notice that Aoife wears hearing aids in both of her ears. While she is not completely deaf, she still can not hear very well. Especially when she can not see the person. While she does prefer to use ASL, she can talk, and for the most part sounds completely normal, when she does.

Friends on the Other Side (Anyone Able to See Spirits):

For those that are able to see the Ephemeral, in particular Spirits, one might note the presence of two, that seem to always be around her. An owl, and a vampire bat spirits.

Magical Girl (Thaumaturges):

At some point in her teens Aoife got heavily into magic, and paganism, and became a practicing Hedge Witch. She has an owl familiar, and is quite skilled at basic forms of magic, as well as creating magical items, including amulets that offer protection against ephemeral beings.


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