Players: Angel Death Row Payne



Name: Angel Payne
Nikname(es): Devil’s Daughter, Poison
Deedname: Death-Row
Tribe Blood Talons
Auspice: Cahalith
Blood/Bone: Challenger/Hedonist
Pack: Copperhead Queens?
Lodge: TBD
Age: 36
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5’10′
Build: Athletic
  • Wisdom
  • Glory
  • Cunning
  • Purity
  • Honor
Spirit Rank: TBD
Public Effects: TBD
Scent Notes: Whiskey, Barbicide, Leather, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Bay Rum
Profession: Tattoo Artist/Barber @ Primal Alterations?
Residence: TBD
Player: Fixxxer
Actor: Bee Phillips

Hunter’s Aspect


When a Cahalith is on the hunt, the world around her knows it. The grass bends respectfully under her paw, the shadows lengthen to cover her and then retract to show her in exactly the right, horrifying light. The Cahalith in the midst of Siskur-Dah is an iconic monster, the embodiment of inevitability. Death is coming for her prey, and the prey, in a small, sad place in his heart, knows and accepts this.

Effects: Your character faced down his hunter, and the frightening beast has shown him the essence of doom. While he may still fight or flee, there’s a part of him inside that welcomes the release of death. Your character may not spend Willpower to add dice or resistance for any action to defend himself from a deadly threat. He can fuel Gifts or use other actions, but his self-defense becomes lackluster at best.

Resolution: Resolution: Suffer a wound penalty from lethal or aggravated damage, or suffer a lethal wound in your character’s last Health box


Hishu Apperance

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Urhan Apperance

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Primal Alterations(Everybody):

Primal Alterations is the name of Angel’s shop. Located in a small stripmall in the heart of Miami. It’s part Barbershop and part Tattoo Parlor. If you’re looking for some new ink or a wild and sexy new hair do, stop in and see if Angel can hook it up. She’s not cheap, but her old man always told her if you’re good at something, never do it for free.

The Copperhead Queens(Werewolves):

The name of Angel’s pack, or rather the dynamic duo of her and her significant other. One is a wild hellcat and the other is a tame, sweet kitten, but which is which. Woe to those who brave the test and choose poorly.

A Little Famous(Everyone):

Angel spent some time as a Suicide Girl and Sullen Model when she first got her start in the tattoo business and proudly displays some her better prints in her shop. She doesn’t really talk about that part of her life though, and just likes to look at the fruits of her labor.

Ride the Lightning(Law Enforcement):

Born to a mother condemned to die on Florida’s Death Row, Angel watched the switch get flipped and it sparked something in her that day. Since then, she’s served the state as an Executioner on several occasions and shares their stories in her artwork.


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“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
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