Players: Angel



Name: Angel
Alias(es): Snow Angel
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Airtouched
Court: Winter
Motley: Silent Council
Needle/Thread: Commander/Honor
Public Effects: Winter Mantle 5
Profession: Leader of Espiritu
Apparent Age: 40’s
Player: NPC
Actor: Luis Guzmán



A stout man from Cuba, Angel is rarely seen among the mortal community. When he is, it tends to be at the Lotus where his gang sifts through the crowd. When seen, he is dressed nicely in a dress shirt and slacks with neutral colors that don’e stand out to the eye. His strong, confident stride walks with purpose and is not interrupted without reason.


It’s rare to see the Winter monarch outside of the twice a year he passes the crown. When he arrives, his visage give one the impression of an ever falling angel. An endless amount of Feathers wilt and fall from him with each stride looking as if he could crumble to nothing and disappear. After he has done what he came to, he disappeared in a stiff breeze of the ruffled avian feature.



Based out of the Night Lotus, the Espiritu gang acts as bouncers to the establishment. However Angel gives assignments to some of his agents that are more detailed than this simple task. Given his agents’ ability to weave in and out of crowds with little effort, he also assigns tasks of eavesdropping and surveillance among other less-than-savory tasks.

Winter Monarch(Changeling):

When not at the Night Lotus, or handling the crown, Angel can often be found in the hollow hidden to all but those sworn to the Winter court. While the crown remains on him during the season, he refuses to take his place on the throne that sits in the hollow’s main hall. “Only the selfish choose to sit on thrones”, he claims and will only take that place if decorum absolutely demands it.



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