Players: Ana Mariela Castillo

Ana Mariela Castillo

Nickname: Mamá Ana

Age: Around 50

Virtue & Vice: Charity & Arrogance

Status: Arts & Society: •••••, Media: •, Politics: ••

Allies: Media: ••, NGOs: •••

Contacts: Business, Catholic Church, City Hall, Cuban Exiles

Other public effects: Fame (Community Leader): ••

Striking looks (Classic Beauty): •

Actor: Eva Mendes

Player: The_stekpanna

Music: Chan Chan | Salsa | Tango | El Cuarto de Tula | Me no diga

Looks & Mannerisms

Ana Mariela Castillo has been blessed with wealth, power and beauty and she carries all three of them with great pride. Chin held high she walks in a stride suggesting that not only does she know what she wants, she knows exactly how to get it too. Oozing confidence she gives off the aura of an old Cuban Duquesa. Knowing very well that she is a public figure she pays great attention to any detail regarding her outfit and looks and it is unlikely she’d set a foot outside of her own home without taking a second look in the mirror.

She is however not very physically imposing and while she wouldn’t bruise from a stiff wind she probably does not frequent the gym for more than some spinning classes. She lacks the powerful musculature of an athlete and stands at no more than 5.4 feet or so. Her eyes reveal a sharp intellect that is quick to pick up social cues, whether they reveal hidden power structures or who is cheating with who behind their spouse’s back. She speaks with an accent and while she arrived in the US at a very young age, English is still her second language.

History & Past

Due to Ana Mariela’s fame, a lot of her history is more or less public knowledge. Ana Mariela Blanco arrived from Cuba in 1970 as a little girl, making use of the Freedom Flights with her family. Starting off decently modestly she made a face for herself in the local news as a fifteen-year-old when she, using a portable tape recorder, caught some faculty members of her school, Miami Senior High School, admitting to embezzlement and abusive treatment of fellow staff and students. After the reveal, she was interviewed by a few local newspapers and became fully dedicated to the idealistic goal of improving the world.

In her late teens, she attended Florida International University, studying to become a journalist but dropped out after a year when she met the love of her life, the medical student (and now surgeon) Ernesto Castillo. The two of them got married shortly after finding true love with each other and soon enough Ana Mariela found herself combining the life of a housewife with that of the political activist. With great fervor, she attended, joined and formed a number of NGOs. To list a few, she joined the Red Cross, various church and charity organizations, Cuban culture groups, Cuban study groups, Peace and Democracy for Cuba interest organizations, political committees, neighborhood associations and so on.

With an uncanny ability for organizational work and politicking, she made her way from ‘enthusiastic member’ to an ‘influence for change’ through a number of them. As her husband became a successful surgeon and started making a lot of money, she had the resources to organize her own charity drives, or at least be a driving force behind them. She used her resources to protect the interests of her fellow Latin people, in particular, the Cuban exiles. She used her Cuban passport to travel to Cuba to meet with long distant relatives, and carry messages for those who were unable to take the trip themselves (for economical or political reasons).

Shortly put, she slowly but surely became a pillar of the community. A mother of four, a woman of faith who speaks for ‘the little guy’ when the big city politicians show up with their schemes and plans.

Recent History:

Tragedy struck the Castillo household in early October 2019 when the youngest son of their home, the eighteen-year-old Gabriel Castillo was reported a missing person. He went to visit California for a short vacation but never managed to reach his hotel. The police found nothing and while Ana Mariela employed PIs to continue the search it has been fruitless. After a short break from the public scene, the matriarch of the Castillo family has returned to public life once more with new energy and vigor.

Roleplaying Hooks

Mamá Ana (Exile Cubans, Anyone):

Even during her teenage years, Ana Mariela tried to improve the world, be it through charity works, community cleanup initiatives or even Neighborhood watch organizations. This spark of idealism didn’t fade to embers as she matured, but rather burned even more brightly. These days she is invested in a number of NGOs primarily focusing on Exile Cubans and other members of the Latino community, including drives to help Latinos access higher education, sports grants, support for victims of crime, therapy to beat drug abuse and much, much more. It is also well known in the community that if you need something in particular and have no one else to turn to, you can always seek Mamá Ana out. She looks out for her own. Your brother went missing? You’re having a hard time getting the right permits to open your business? Your father is sick and you cannot afford the bills? Come to Mamá Ana. She helps you out of the good of her heart.

Driving-spirit (NGO’s, Charities, Anyone):

If there’s a drive, charity, grant or fund for it, there’s a good chance Ana Mariela has been involved. Keep Miami drug free? Check. Get our teens out of gangs? Check. Study grants for talented youth? Check. Promotion of Cuban culture and heritage? Check. Support groups for returning veterans? Check. Support for children with a parent in prison? Check. Aid for disaster victims? Check. Justice for victims of crime? Check. If there’s an organization for it then Ana Mariela is either on the committee, board or in the background, giving advice and her support. It is easy for her to befriend people who are either active in the communities themselves or seeking their aid. While most of her work is at the top these days, she can still be seen from time to time working at the very grassroots level, standing in soup kitchens or changing the bedsheets in local homeless shelters.

Champagne and gala dresses (High society):

To some a concert performed in front of the economic and cultural elite of Maimi is a time of entertainment. To many, however, it is also a chance to grease elbows while also establishing your status as a power broker and a ‘somebody’ in the city. Ana Mariela definitely belongs to the latter and if you’ve ever attended any event of importance in the last ten years there’s a good chance you’ve at least shook hands and spent some time mingling. If you in any shape or form carry some sort of weight in the community, there’s a better chance still that Ana Mariela made sure you met again.

Backroom deals and elections (Politics):

Ana Mariela is famous in Miami, especially among its Cuban population, and while not everyone agrees with what she has to say, many people listen when she speaks. Thanks to her extensive network with various NGOs, charities and other organizations it is easy for her to endorse a candidate, either publically or behind the scenes. While her endorsement by no means guarantees the Latino vote, it does help a great bit. Perhaps even more importantly, one does not want Ana Mariela to openly denounce them if they wish to have a fruitful relationship with the Cuban community of Miami. She is unaffiliated with any particular party and is instead concerned with ‘personal integrity’ and ‘moral character’.

Missing person’s report (Police, PIs):

In early October of 2019 Ana Mariela’s youngest son, Gabriel, was noted as a missing person. Last heard of as traveling towards California, he was lost after leaving Florida and never checked into his hotel. After a short investigation, the case become cold. Refusing to give up hope Ana Mariela employed a few PIs to look for clues, none of them with any success. Are you related to the investigations in any form or manner? A detective? A PI? A professional counselor?

Panem et circenses (Music, Culture, Media):

Ana Mariela is invested in the cultural scene of Miami and making sure younger generations do not forget their roots, ranging from programs encouraging the development of musical talents to community theatre projects and dancing sessions. While this naturally reaches people on an amateur level Ana Mariela has allies both in media and the finer rungs of society. All those galas need performers to entertain and while by no means a professional herself, Ana Mariela was a dancer and a songstress in her youth. From time to time she finds herself persuaded to partake in the action on stage. Has she performed with you? Were you once an amateur performer whose dance group survived thanks to a timely intervention from above?

One big family (Exile Cubans, Anyone):

Despite having one son gone missing, Ana Mariela still has a big family. A husband and three adult children, not to mention a number of siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and so on, all centered in Miami. Perhaps your character shares a literal blood connection with her, through marriage or by birth?

Dogs in the yard (Werewolves):

While by no means a werewolf herself, or even wolf-blooded, it is a trait that runs in her family. From what it seems, unbeknownst to her, there have been werewolves in her family in the past, and might very possibly be more of them in the future. If you’re a local werewolf you probably know that it is best to either befriend her or stay away from her, unless you want to trespass on another werewolf’s territory.

Allies, Contacts & Retainers

With half a lifetime spent in the public eye, there is no wonder Ana Mariela has made a lot of acquaintances, allies, friends and even enemies…

Roberto Luna

His grandfather helped Ana Mariela’s parents settle in Miami and as Roberto came to be, Ana Mariela had come to a position where she was able to return the favor. In this game, it is easier to trust blood.

Antha Salazar

Her father was a friend of my family and I remember little Antha’s cooking with warmth. Now that she’s all grown up and without parents she needs someone to look out for her. Our people stick together and she’ll always have a friend in me.

Tempest Pax

Tempest was once an in-law of Ana Mariela’s family and while the two of them were never close, Ana Mariela looked out for Tempest in any way she could when her husband passed away. Ever since then interactions have been more infrequent however.

David Harlow

To be defined, initiated contact at a charity drive attempting to bring justice for victims of crime.

Gracie Hamel

Gracie is new in town, but she seems to fit in here just fine. We met down at the shelter and seeing her work with such passion reminded me of myself when I was her age. I just hope she stays safe, even for a volunteer she seemed a bit naive…

Jane Doe

Placeholder for someone I’ve yet to meet.

John Doe

Placeholder for someone I’ve yet to meet.

Jane Doe

Placeholder for someone I’ve yet to meet.


Knowledge is power. Power to do evil…or power to do good. Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.” - Veronica Roth

So rare to meet someone who manages to entirely live up to their reputation. I think we may be able to do wonderful things together.” - Jerry Lakin

I know her pain intimately well, as much as I wish I didn’t, and whatever is in my power to heal that pain, and bring Gabriel home, I have bound myself to do.” - Tempest Pax

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