Players: Alexia Tristitia



Name: Alexia Tristitia
Alias(es): None
Sire: Distimia
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Coterie: The Eyrie
Public Effects: Striking looks
Mask/Dirge Visionary/Conspirator
Profession: Psychologist
Age: apparent 23 / real: 33
Player: Thagirion
Actor: Alissa White-Gluz


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Alexia has long black hair that contrast with her pale-white skin, a slender body type and striking looks.


Markus KincaidCoterie member Ordo Dracul memberRingtone
Emma Darling acquaintanceStill owns me a nice paintingRingtone
Terry HeideacquaintanceBeast, psychiatristRingtone
Dex SecundinusCoterie memberCommentsRingtone
MichaelYoussefCoterie memberCommentsRingtone


What is wrong with me? (Anyone):

Alexia is always happy to attend new patients and listen to their stories.

I just need a drink (nightclubers):

From time to time it is good to unwind in nightclubs and get a free drink

Can you give me that scalpel? (Ordo Dracul):

As a good member of the covenant she experiments to advance her knowledge and unlock new coils and scales


“for a species I have markedly distrusted, Alexia may be a worthy research partner and understudy in the enlightened ways. She’s intelligent, driven, and creative in her endeavors. Let us hope she remains trustworthy.” - Pamela

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