Players: Alecia Chambers



Name: Alecia Chambers
Alias(es): Death
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Summer - Monarch
Motley: Apocalypse
Needle/Thread: Chessmaster/Revenge
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 5
Profession: Financial Advisor
Apparent Age: 32
Player: NPC
Actor: Ania Bukstein



The Fairest in Alecia shows through her Mask as the essence of perfect beauty that more often than not causes her to be underestimated in all aspects of her life. A guise the snowskin wears well with her perfectly smooth skin and well maintained appearance. At least until she sees fit to be the commanding presence of the room and offer her cutthroat advice to her clients. When she trains with Jack, it’s clear as the noonday sun that she is anything but the frail flower she appears to be.


While less the horsemen’s horses like her equine motley counterparts, she still embodies the essence of Death’s rider. The Snowskin’s perfect visage is alluring to say the least, leading one to want to be wrapped in her cold embrace. The control she has over her emotional expression hides just how much her mantle has twisted her mein in response to the searing hatred she has for their former “Keepers”. It’s only when the Fairest watches her subjects fall in battle that her perfect snow white complexion melts away to reveal the flaming noonwraith her wrath has caused her to become.


Death’s mantle gives her a commanding presence like a campfire in the night. The spark of her wrath gives a fire to her searing gaze and the oppressive atmosphere fills the lungs with a humidity that is suffocating. When her composure breaks, the mantle engulfs her in flames and twists her appearance to be the ugly wraith she is inside.



Financial Adviser(Any):

There’s no denying the money flows in Miami and anyone who can control the flow of it has power at their fingertips. Alecia is the head of a small successful financial firm that she runs with her motley mate and business partner, Julian. Her cutthroat business tactics and unforgiving audits have earned her the reputation of being a ruthless partner, however efficient.

Inspiring (Changelings):

Her story is no secret to the Freehold. The Herd found her near-catatonic during their escape and she was ostracized from the Silver Lining along with the rest of the Herd by association. When the huntsmen preyed on the Herd, she gave herself up without a fight and to this day she sees herself as the reason Jack Frost lost his entire motley in the rescue. Death owns her mistake openly and preaches that inaction is worse than being a loyalist. To many in the Freehold this makes her a source of inspiration. An empowering example of a Lost overcoming the trauma of their durance to live their new life and contribute to the community that will risk life and limb to keep them safe.

Comradery at Heart(Summer):

During the Summer season, the monarch must distance herself from her subjects. Decrees of war and commanding soldiers to their death necessitates a certain degree of separation and doubly so for Fairests. After the crown has been passed to to the Ashen Court and she is no longer the ruler of the Silver Lining, Death defers leadership and organization of the court to the Wroth General and takes her place as one of the soldiers to get to know who her comrades in arms are.


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